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  • Hey, you've exceeded your inbox space, so I'm going to post this thing here.

    If you go to my blog there's all kinds of stuff on various hacks I've done. Look for the "wuxia" and "swashbuckling" tags. There's also an almost-all-of-it version of the wuxia hack here, and a similar (though less complete) version of the swashbuckling one here. And if you have any questions or anything, feel free to email or PM me.

    (There was more -- lots more! -- but I can only do 1000 characters here, so boo.)
    Würdest du Gemini für Arcane Codex Tauschen?

    Das von mir Angebotene Arcane Codex hat keinerlei Gebrauchs spuren und wurde nur einmal gelesen.

    Deine PM Box war voll also habe ich die Nachricht hier hinterlassen :)
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