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    Your gaming table: what's on it?

    You missed dice and maps.
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    What "parts" are required for a mystery/investigative scenario?

    You are missing...the interloper! Few things spur players like competition, so, "Oh, you just missed your friends, the couple that were just here asking about this..." Are they trying to uncover the truth, or cover it up? Who might they be looking for? Where did they say they were going...
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    Young Adult Fantasy

    Going back to the dim fastness of time, the late Robert Heinlein wrote a number of juveniles (as they were called then) for Scribner, right up until Starship Troopers. Scribner refused it as too adult, and Heinlein moved into adult sci-fi. I would imagine some of them would seem quite dated...
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    🎨 Creative It (was) my birthdays - give me your (3e Exalted) Deathlord names (My players keep out!)

    The self-contradictory savior-blight of the sea. Never can tell what he?she? is going to do....
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    5e Glyph Armor Iron Wizard.

    Currently, AL gives out Treasure points and very little money. You can turn your TP into gold, but that's TP you would otherwise be saving for magic items. Even at T3, this would be expensive. A DM who dos not desire this would have anti-magic zones turn the buffs off; I can think of three...
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    Weird West Characters went to Fantasy

    Think how surprised they will be when there is no mayor or marshal, but there are various lords with much more sweeping powers.
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    Lessons you've learnt that made you a better GM and/or player

    When on of my players said, "The DM must be mad at us, he's making us investigate...." I realized that by brillaint puzle with a couple of red herrings was going to flop badly. I have since made sure that every important location has at least one clue to the other locations, and NO dead-ends...
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    Shaft! (2019)

    But we're talking about Shaft.
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    RPGs with card rules

    I came in to meniton TORG, but there is also Deadlands.
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    [Not Quite A WIW] I Am Watching Dark Shadows And I Love It

    A fantastic run, up there with 1895.
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    💀 Necro Need a good pirate ship name...

    The Bottle of Rum ....yoo hoo hoo, and The Bottle of Rum!
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    [Not Quite A WIW] I Am Watching Dark Shadows And I Love It

    Ah, Lara Parker as Angelique. Get used to her, you will be seeing her off and for some time. And Barnabas is so different when alive.
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    [It's my birthday] Give me strange sights witnessed in an urban spirit realm

    The ghost truck. It seems to move of it's own volition, up and down side streets and alleys, looking for expensive cars parking in Loading Zones. It sideswipes the scofflaws to clip off mirrors and scrape the door(s).
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    The Elder Races still dominate

    Earthdawn's default setting has many races, the most numerous being the Dwarves.
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    Gloomhaven question

    So, we played a scenario where we opened a door and could not move into the room without a Jump or Fly, as three hexes had obstacles. We went away and the rules seem to say that the occupants won't come out because monsters can't move through obstacles. Is this correct?
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