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    Disney's Descendant's 3

    My wife's a huge Descendant's fan so we preordered D3 from Amazon Prime and watched it last week so I can answer some questions! Yes, Hades is Mal's dad. He and her mom... didn't get along. Uma and her boys are hanging out with Mal and the gang mostly in an "Enemy of my enemy is my friend"...
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    Apocalypse World: The Maelstrom

    I believe that's one of the things the game leaves up to the GM/gaming group. Basically, what do you want the Maelstrom to be?
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    NK Jemisin's Broken Earth RPG announced

    And during Seasons they're pretty much hunted to near-extinction.
  4. Ember Dragon

    Cats Movie first trailer

    In 1998, 11 years after it opened on Broadway.
  5. Ember Dragon

    Cats Movie first trailer

    While I'd like to think that, I'd point out that we don't usually get stage video of shows (and *especially* not OBC) that are still making money. There's never been a video of PotO for instance. Or Miss Saigon. Or Wicked...
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    Pokemon Go it's out!

    Supposedly Groudon and Kyogre are supposed to be showing up as Research Breakthroughs, but neither me nor my wife has seen one. I've gotten just Latios for my last like, five breakthroughs. Am I just having terrible RNG luck, or is something buggy?
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    Cats Movie first trailer

    The problem (as I see it) is that there is a subsection of the musical theatre fandom that wants musical theatre to be ~high art~, and therefore anything that isn't is bad and stupid and unworthy of being considered True Theatre. Often the more popular a show is, the more likely it is to not be...
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    Cats Movie first trailer

    <citation needed> Slightly less flippantly, yes, there is a subset of musical theatre lovers who hate Cats. There's also a subset who love it. It's always been a show that invites strong opinions on both sides, but it's reductive to try to group all musical theatre fans onto one side or the...
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    Cats Movie first trailer

    Well I'm hyped. Yea, there's a bit of uncanny valley going on, and Cats has always been a divisive show so I'm not surprised the movie's the same way. But that cast! And it's choreographed by the guy who choreographed Hamilton. I'll see it for that alone.
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    For Sale Shelf Cleaning! D&D, Exalted, MHR, Feng Shui, others

    Bump and list update. I'll probably be sending these off to Noble Knight if no one else expresses interest in the next few days Aria Canticle of the Monomyth - Worlds - $10 Demon the Fallen: Fear to Tread - $5 Demon the Fallen: Saviors and Destroyers - $5 Dungeon World - $15 D&D 4th...
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    BESM 4th Edition Announced

    No matter how you pronounce it, Japanimation just seems needlessly retro. People know what anime is now.
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    BESM 4th Edition Announced

    I'd say they decided on their target audience just from the main video image - there's no reason to show a hint of the girl's underwear *except* to signal to certain types of people that this is about their kind of anime...
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    [Pokemon] SWORD and SHIELD, late 2019!

    OMG is that gigantamaxed Corviknight? I'm in love. I know the Internet is obsessed with the sheep one, but my heart belongs to the giant raven
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    Authors you are hoping get picked up by HBO/Netflix/whoever?

    Someone else mentioned about Wayward Children already, but I thought I'd chime in that Seanan has mentioned in the past that October Daye has been optioned (and if I remember correctly, by the people who did Leverage), but there's a long way between a series/book getting optioned and it becoming...
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