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    [Let's Read] 4e Setting Lore/Nentir Vale/Nerath

    Ok...this is pretty neat. I especially like the details about Jaggerbad's attitude towards things. And fey are always fun.
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    [All] Fantastic Elements 2- even more weirdness

    The bats one idea is neat. I used derro myself, but there's no reason mind flayers would have one food race.
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    [All] Fantastic Elements 2- even more weirdness

    Mind flayer scheme ideas: Implanting aboleths with tadpoles to gain access to their stores of knowledge Modify derro to grow extra brains to expand the food supply Create a device which allows them to enter dreams to psychically attack their foes from another angle. What are some other strange...
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    [Lets Read] Pathfinder Book of the Damned

    I could see Asmodeus as less of a "Just as planned" sort and more like he does stuff without really thinking it through, and then retroactively justifies it. Or maybe he's actually improvising everything, constantly terrified he's about to drop a ball and bring everything crashing down...
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    [Let's Read] Third Party Pathfinder Stuff

    I wonder if the clothes thing ever becomes inconvenient. I imagine having a dress lengthen on you could be kind of irritating.
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    [All] Fantastic Elements 2- even more weirdness

    Most dragons hoard gold and treasure. Some prefer secrets. One dragon hoards raw, unshaped magic, trapping it in his cave and bathing in it when he sleeps. This has caused devastation in the surrounding lands, and is slowly transforming the dragon into something even mightier...
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    [Let's Read] 4e Dragon & Dungeon Magazine: Monster Articles

    Yeah, they seem like they could be fun. Has anyone read the Dresden Files? The one with necromancer specifically? I am picturing some horrible ritual where an evil wizard is drawing hordlings to him to consume the Abyssal energies and become a demon lord... And the Nigh Satyrs are definitely...
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    [Let's Read] 4e Dragon & Dungeon Magazine: Monster Articles

    The ruin scarabs do sound interesting. But what caught my attention was the fact that there are apparently Lightdrinkers with a connection to the stars...
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    [Let's Read] The 4e Monster Manual and Monster Vault

    The kytons are HR. They are responsible for...motivating problematic employees.
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    [Let's Read] 4e's Faces of the Planes

    I am definitely interested in the Elder Stars. I included some in my setting so I would love to see what 4e did with them and compare.
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    [Let's Read] AC9: Creature Catalogue (and DMR2)

    So they are basically extra badass doppelgangers?
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    [Let's Read] 4e's Faces of the Planes

    Levistus is actually dead and is being puppeted by Asmodeous. It's all a scheme!
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    [Let's Read] D&D 3.5 Monster Manual III

    What happens when an evil person dies on the plane of fire?
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