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    What's a good script for asking a player to leave my game?

    That's a lot of extra work. I knew a GM who would go to that effort with his games, and anything that lasted to long-term imploded spectacularly with almost coming to blows. There were a lot of things at play with that person, so I'm not trying to imply anything, but when you're going in at that...
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    Lots of stuff for sale- RPGs, boardgames, video games, DVD/BluRay, graphic novels, toys, etc.

    Can you expand a bit on your versions of White Star? Even trying to find info online is pretty confusing, but it looks like there are a few out there.
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    For Sale A shoebox full of Magic: the Gathering (in Finland, will ship overseas)

    I really don't want to threadcrap, but if you're not in tune with current Magic card buying and selling, nobody is going to bite on this unless you understand the following: - You have very clear and accurate card grading on your more expensive stuff - You are willing to call every card under...
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    Worst. Modules. Ever.

    Spires of Altdorf for WFRP 2e. What a horrible attempt at FedEx quests for PCs. It was so bad. The only redeeming quality of it was that for whatever reason, that trilogy of adventures held a bit of value, so I was able to resell at no loss.
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    For Sale L5R 5th ed & Scum and Villainy

    Amazon has S&V for $25.89. If the offer above doesn't pan out, I'll offer $22 shipped to zip 98125 (payment via PayPal goods&services).
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    Getting back into painting minis, after a fifteen year hiatus, and dealing with vision issues.

    Here's a LINK from the Reaper forum that has all the key words you're looking for. I still have a small bottle I mixed up that had some concentration of water, some Future Finish (I think that's the brand) floor wax, and a drop of dish soap. There may have been other ingredients, but it's been...
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    Getting back into painting minis, after a fifteen year hiatus, and dealing with vision issues.

    I would suggest getting something like this. It's LED technology, which means that the bulbs should last a lifetime, and it's semi-portable (clamps to a table or desk) and may be just the solution you're looking for. A little pricier, but hopefully not out of your ballpark.
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    LOTFP creators post pictures of themselves with controversial figure Jordan Petersen on Facebook twitter

    While I have a whole lot of other reasons I don't like LotFP, I suppose this is another drop in the bucket. The thing that really struck me, though, is how I had this image of Jim (or James?) being way more metal looking...
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    Trade/Sell RPGs, Miniature Games, Conan TPBs

    That's a killer price for the Conan lot, and if I didn't already have about eight feet of books piled around the house already because of bursting shelves, I'd be all over that. I will take a hard look at what I can bring to the Half Price Books and see if this is still around.
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    Unity-RPG: Anyone played or read it?

    I clicked on a targeted ad on Facebook yesterday regarding Unity RPG. After downloading the preview, I was intrigued enough to come here, but didn't see any recent threads about it. My first impressions: - combat looks like it's inspired by 4e. This isn't a selling point for me, but I could...
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    Anyone else excited by WFRP 4th Edition?

    If I'm looking to preorder to get the .pdf that will be released "this month," does Cubicle 7 have a US distribution center? I didn't look too closely at the website, and have never ordered from them before. Will my book come all banged up from having to come from overseas? I expect not, but...
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    For Sale Various RPGs

    PM Sent!
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    At what point did you decide that you never want to play D&D ever again?

    When I was about six or so, I swore off D&D after a really terrible first-level-solo- experience. Fast forward 20 years, and I realized how much better a game it was if you didn't have a ten year old DM.
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