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    Beyond the Mountains of Madness - Props and Stories

    Our group is heading towards finally finishing our BtMoM in October, after I kicked it off five years ago! For that purpose I've begun to prepare for our endgame, which will be our first in-person session! I've rented a NY upstate cabin for us and we'll finish it there; I'm very excited. For...
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    The One Ring 2nd Edition

    Having to keep hazards at the ready and stuff like that is a real pain. I do wish they would create more materials to make it easier for the Loremaster to run the game by creating compiled materials around that sort of thing.
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    The One Ring 2nd Edition

    So into this.
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    Best Middle-Earth RPG?

    First of all D&D is 40 years old at this point and has changed dramatically over time, secondly while D&D certainly had Tolkien elements in it, to say that it was designed to mimic Tolkien is wrong not just because it stole from so many other things, but because the Tolkien aspect was the least...
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    Best Middle-Earth RPG?

    With all due respect to the D&D folks, and the "make something up from these simple sixteen pieces" you'll save yourself a lot of trouble if you simply go for The One Ring or Adventures in Middle-earth. I'm partial to TOR myself, but AiME is perfectly fine as well; either will get you what...
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    Best Middle-Earth RPG?

    The One Ring, no contest.
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    What's Your Experience With Virtual Tabletop Applications?

    Yeah, that's what caused me to go looking at FG again. Unfortunately as I said earlier it really is a dated piece of software at this point, especially on a Mac. Don't get me wrong, it's great that they even went to the trouble of making it work without a virtual machine, but it certainly puts...
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    What's Your Experience With Virtual Tabletop Applications?

    I've played extensively on roll20 (I wrote a guide on how to set up The One Ring and have a number of things for it on my Github). There's a lot of good to be said about it, and we've enjoyed a long One Ring and another long Cthulhu campaign on it. That said I also have plenty of gripes about...
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    Most Unreadable Prose In An RPG?

    While I'm not as hardline, why Call of Cthulhu always ships with a massive story in it breaks my brain. It's a complete waste of space. For something like Heavy Gear where there are a few one-page stories here and there, fine. I trudge through them, but I also don't feel like it really adds...
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    [The One Ring] Any news on Moria?

    Still upset the forums closed.
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    What is the best era to play in Middle Earth?

    I've always wanted to run or play in a second age game in the vein of Children of Húrin; a grand tragedy supported by game mechanics akin to Burning Wheel.
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    The value of crunch

    Also, part of the fun of a simulationist system in play is that everyone knows it wasn't just fudge 'for effect', which I've always found to actually lessen the impact.
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