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I like chocolate pudding.

Gaming, Deviant Behavior, Cults, History, Poli Sci, Cultural and Physical Anthropology, Foreign Languages
Jul 9, 1971 (Age: 48)
Wisconsin's Innsmouth
Running Adult Family Homes


- Shepherd of the Church of Firefly - Converts 7
- Decoy: Let's fuck like dead people.
- Bitterest member of the WI-Tang Clan and member of the New Decadents Clique
- As it is written, so shall it be. December 2 is now Falke Day on my calendar. - L'Puff from GeniousChild's Everybody Loves Falke!!! thread.
- Laugh Points: 4 (G.H. Owl, Tanka, Agrias oaks, Old Geezer); 1st Tangency Parody Point: Grey Elf; Almost Died Laughing Point: Mr Jack; Classical Laugh Point: xgothgrrl
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