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    [Legends of Tomorrow 1x01] Pilot - Part 1

    I think I'm going to love this show. It was a fun ride. Heatwave is hilarious. Whichever writer thought to have HIM put on Captain and Teneille deserves a raise. That was some random and wacky shit to pull.
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    (12/3/2015) Change to Rules Regarding Gun Control in Mass Shooting Threads

    I like the ruling and am VERY happy with the yellow banner to let me know about things.
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    The thread of positive fantasy novels

    He will be stoked to hear his book recommended like that. DLathrop, this author is local to us. He did a reading and signing at Boswell back in September.
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    The thread of positive fantasy novels

    Myth Adventures Phules Company Both series are by Robert Asprin.
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    [The Flash 2x06] Enter Zoom

    That's an interesting theory. It also fits the general build of Zoom. I will stake this out as my favorite theory until another looks shinier. :)
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    [The Flash 2x06] Enter Zoom

    That was me as well. I have no clue who Zoom will really turn out to be.
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    The Martian [Here be spoilers...]

    I bought and read the book last week and saw the movie this afternoon. I am still amazed at how much I enjoyed both. I get why they cut out some of the peril from the film, but I was still hoping for at least a little of the storm he had to deal with at the end.
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    Highest and Lowest postcounts of the permabanned

    I want to say yes, it happened once, but I can't think of a name to put to it.
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    Levar Burton to revive Reading Rainbow through Kickstarter

    I read that article. The first thing I wondered after reading it was when exactly did Lavar Burton break her heart or stand her up from prom? Her anger seemed very personal.
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    Levar Burton to revive Reading Rainbow through Kickstarter

    I was just a little too old for the show. My little brother watched it some, but I never did.
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    Levar Burton to revive Reading Rainbow through Kickstarter

    I'm stunned at how many backers there are at $1000 and over.
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    [Game of Thrones] Casting Rumors for S5. Major spoilers from the end of book 3, book 4 and book 5.

    Idris Elba would be great in that role, but I think he's actually a little too obvious of a choice. I think I'd like to see him show up as someone involved in Arya's training.
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    [Minecraft N00b] Questions

    Bumping this so I can find it later tonight.
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    Identify this anti-Roleplaying novel

    Was the roleplaying game themed with Celtic/Irish stuff? If so, it was Hobgoblin.
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    [Spoilers] Arrow - S2 E23 - Unthinkable

    I can't wait for Season 3. I kind of like how the back story has been steadily progressing with the present.
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