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    Shadowrun vs. Cyberpunk 2020

    I'm kinda surprised this Q has come up more than once in the past week or two. The two systems and tropes and themes are really apples and oranges. But I get you've narrowed it down to these 2 options, and would like some advice. So to add my $0.02 worth of help, for me, it all boils down to...
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    Rick Loomis is unwell

    This forum needs a damn LIKE button. Kudos to you @Corvo
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    Exploding dice: yea or nay?

    I like exploding dice, probably prefer where they can only explode once, though (i.e., the explode dice cannot explode). IMO it adds an edgy feeling to rolling (much like a 20 crit in d20). Played a Savage Worlds game back in the day where a player one-shotted a dragon with a dagger because they...
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    L5R Adventure Idea

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    How to sell players on non-D&D 5e fantasy RPGs

    So are you wanting to do a specific game/system? If so, then sell it on it's own merits, like classless or leveless, or its unique take on the setting, or its crunchier/lighter ruleset, or whatever makes it different from D&D. At the same time, give a nod to its similarities to make a perceived...
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    Infinity vs Shadowrun 6e vs Cyberpunk Red[+]

    It's not entirely clear what you want out of the game. I wouldn't say you're comparing apples to oranges, but you're certainly comparing granny Smith to red delicious to Fuji - they're kinda the same but drastically not. If the goal is cyberpunk then Shadowrun doesn't really fit the bill. That...
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    The state of FFG Star Wars?

    Mask of the Pirate Queen is a fun one. Especially the 3rd act. I think Jewel of Yavin will be next.
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    The state of FFG Star Wars?

    I run an active group. I guess we haven't done enough space combat to think it sucks. Quite the contrary, we love the whole "everyone participates; cool daisy chain actions are cool." I also love the pre-made adventures. They are so well designed in terms of stressing various skills that after a...
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    Unity RPG .....

    As the type with VERY limited time, a bestiary *AND* an adventure or campaign would be ideal for me to get it off the shelf and do something with it.
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    System for Bloodborne?

    There's LexOccultum by Riot Minds. Fragged Aternum has the immortal bit, LexO does not. https://www.riotminds.se/product-category/lexoccultum/
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    Games which use cards as a resolution mechanism

    Beat me to it. The game works using a hand of cards. You choose what to play from your hand when, so it removes randomness while still maintaining potential failure (via low cards). The depletion of cards/hand represents the character running out of steam. Hand refreshes after each major...
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    Compare and Contrast (mostly contrast) Tales from the Loop & Things from the Flood

    So then they both feature kids as PCs? Or is there an age difference between the two?
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    Compare and Contrast (mostly contrast) Tales from the Loop & Things from the Flood

    Self explanatory, really, but what makes Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood different?
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    [Star Wars d6] awesome one-shot or old module

    Thanks for the necro @SibKhatru. GREAT read for those of us who picked up the 30th Anniversary re-print!
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    New Numenera Books

    Core mechanics are barely changed. Discovery is the main book and replaces the earlier core rulebook. It has game rules and the same 3 classes. Existing 3 classes got revised to be more unique and less 1-sided. You can play the game with only Discovery; you CANNOT play the game with only the...
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