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    Shadowrun vs. Cyberpunk 2020

    I prefer Cyberpunk. I just don't want the fantasy elements.
  2. FirstWave

    I've lost my mojo...

    Try playing board games for a while.
  3. FirstWave

    New Marvel RPG? [Speculation]

    The problem is RPG sales are equivalent to a penny for Disney.
  4. FirstWave

    Wanted Cyberpunk Red Boxed Set Gencon

    I'm a current Cyberpunk 2020 player. I'm seeking 1 person at Gencon to get the Cyberpunk Red Boxed Set for me. R. Talsorian Games booth # 1852 I'm offering the purchases price, sales tax, shipping, and some extra money for your help, or an item sent to you. USA only since international...
  5. FirstWave

    [Cyberpunk Red] Jumpstart “weirdness”!

    I hope to see more martial arts rules in the main game.
  6. FirstWave

    Superheroic Martial Arts

    Savage Worlds is coming out with a martial arts book.
  7. FirstWave

    Looking for the 'Goldilocks' superhero system

    Marvel Superheroes by TSR.
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    [Cyberpunk Red] Jumpstart “weirdness”!

    I view Cyberpunk as a future as thought of from someone from the past, so it's dated because technology catches up sooner than expected.
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    Exploiting Dawn: The Tragic Tale of Min-Maximus the Vampire

    Min-Maximus read this and the other thread and sought revenge in game.
  10. FirstWave

    Stranger Things

    Could there be a Stranger Things 3 spoiler policy for a reasonable time? Maybe a few weeks to 1 month.
  11. FirstWave

    An Open Letter to Implore You to Play Old Games

    Old games can be fun. Many have withstood the test of time. Traveller, Star Wars D6, Cyberpunk 2020.
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