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    Crusader Kings 2 II: Title Revoked

    One last question - any recommended mods for the font size thing? I think there are a couple out there, but I figured I'd see if anyone had one they particularly recommend.
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    [Crusader Kings 2] [Let's Play] Succession Game 4: Let the Dice Fall

    If I'm reading right, north of the Black Sea, you have Kiev right next to...Kiev.
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    Crusader Kings 2 II: Title Revoked

    Awesome! Thanks for the help!
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    Crusader Kings 2 II: Title Revoked

    Okay, thanks. I was curious because it looks like there were things introduced in expansions, like changes to the councils and things like retinues, which I wasn't sure if it was easier/better to get a grasp on the base game and add them later, or play with them from the get go to just learn how...
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    Crusader Kings 2 II: Title Revoked

    Soo...I've never played Crusader Kings II before, but I just picked it up along with all of the DLC earlier this week, and will probably start playing in the next day or two. There are plenty of "how to get started" guides online, and the first time play tutorial and the like, but one thing I'm...
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    🎨 Creative Optimal Melee Weapons for Shorter Persons

    It's not a direct answer to the question, but there are some interesting possibilities in mixed units from different races. If you've seen the bit from the Battle of Rocroi in Alatriste, there's a bit where the pike units are pressing on each other, and people duck under the pikes to start...
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    How powerful should Superman (and his expys) be relative to other heroes?

    Whichever version of the character fits the specific story being told. Narratively, they have different purposes. I like the idea of Superman being far and away more powerful, but only in stories that are specifically focusing on that power and its consequences. For more usual team narratives...
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    Veronica Mars Season 4 on Hulu

    She's already played a character in Veronica Mars.
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    [Superhero Media] The most terrifying and/or horrible Superman expy in media.

    Yep, this. Lex arguing for a deterrent is one thing, but his constant attempts to go after Superman are pretty much about his own ego, rather than any sort of "but he's too dangerous!" rhetoric. I mean, really, the difference between Lex having kryptonite and Batman having kryptonite is that...
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    The XKCD Unpopular Positive Opinion Challenge

    I agree with a number of the ones other people have mentioned (Bunraku, Drive Angry, etc) but one not mentioned is the 2011 Three Musketeers. And it's under 50% on both metrics! I understand WHY a lot of people disliked it, but I thought it was just a fantastic amount of fun. D'Artagnan was the...
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    [Superhero Media] The most terrifying and/or horrible Superman expy in media.

    And it becomes more and more clear that he's PRE-CRISIS Supeman, as his power just keeps growing, and the limitations seem to be mostly what he thinks he's able to do.
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    [Netflix] Stranger Things 3 Episodes 7-8 and General Spoiler Thread for Full Series

    Apparently, it really resonated with a friend of mine; she's commented that she listened to their conversation on loop for most of a day. I'm pretty sure the "teeth" in the mindflayer were fragments of other sorts of bones. It was...not a pleasant thing, and pretty much everyone in it were...
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    [Film/Review/Spoilers] Peele’s ‘Us’

    Fair. I think that the duplicates are representing multiple things at once.
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    [Film/Review/Spoilers] Peele’s ‘Us’

    I think you could make the argument that Gabe's double isn't really about wish fulfillment. His shadow is what a lot of strangers likely perceive him as, as a black man: big, brutish, and threatening. I think its important that the only explanation we get is from a very biased character in the...
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    [Netflix] Stranger Things 3 Episodes 1-2-3 (Spoiler Thread)

    I do like what they're doing with Mike - he feels like a real teenager who is mostly an okay guy, but, well, acting like a teenager. And as Johnathon pointed out to Nancy, the Wheeler's are pretty damn well-off, so Mike probably has a lot of unexamined privilege and entitlement that he's dealing...
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