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  • Not sure who to send this to, so you are the lucky person. Thank you for removing the unwanted comment at my IC D&D 3.5 - Aut Vincere Aut Mori thread.
    Hello there,

    At the moment me and a few friends of mine are working on a long-term project which eventually will be a 2-D RPG game. Due to this project it's relation to school (game design) we will be needing to gather some info from our target audiance, therefore i'dd like to ask if we could post a questionaire regarding this 2-D game on your forum as the assignment dictatates that we gain permission first.

    ((basicly we have to be able to show our teachers that you have given us permission to post the questionaire))

    My regards,

    I've posted a thread in the wrong place (spotlight D&D and D20 when it should have been Tabletop Roleplaying Open. could you move it please? also, if you could capitalize the first letter of my title, it would be appreciated. NB: If I'm not asking the right person, plz tell me. I think it's the first time I had to move a thread. Thanks in advance.
    Thread title: rise of the Primarchs: Scion W40K crunch help needed
    Please nuke my thread "[rant]I kinda hate Tangency..." from orbit. It's a regrettable ugly blight and should have never been created and I'll never ever do that again. Thanks.
    Hi, I tried attaching an image to my post but it does not show the image when I click on it. It says "Attachments Pending Approval" do I have to do something on my profiles, or does this mean that it must be approved by a moderator?
    You're in charge here, right? I'm new, and after looking through the FAQ, I couldn't find any rules or guidelines for making Let's Plays. Do I just... make one? And is it okay to make one for particularly older games? Cuz I don't see any on the boards.
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