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  • Just found the link to your comic, cool stuff. BTW, was it intentional to have the creepy guy granting the wish on page 13? ;)
    Loved your response to edwardnigma010:

    I sense a great disturbance in the forum, as if a single racist had cried out on the internet, and then was silenced...

    Holy Cow! Zombie A Go-Go is really frickin' great! I've just started chapter 2, and I had to stop and let you know. :)
    I gave some more thought about the possiblity of using SAGA cards for Supercrew, and I came to a conclusion- they should not replace the dice, but merely act as the Hero Points. The dice mechanic itself is too simple and elegant to mess with.
    Redforce, you are the famous off author of some of the best RISUS supers options ever! You can just take what you want from us mere mortals! But please, steal away. They dont have to be powers. I've been running "atomic horror" type 50s-movies game using Supercrew rules, letting the players define themselves with a handful of aspects and they're off. it's a nice easy way to get things moving.
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