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  • From the way they were talking, they might upcrunch it a bit.

    But oh well. It happens.
    I saw the thread when it started (it spun off of one of the "Hey, how about a Super Robot Wars" discussions in the games you'd like to play thread), but the system doesn't grab me at all, I'm afraid. I like things a little crunchier.

    Sorry to crush your hopes, but stay brave!
    Towards the end they started talking about gundam figures. The first five or so topics are where the meat of the stuff is.
    *sees name and song starts playing in head*

    *Realizes what you are and cries manly tears of joy*

    Yes! Perhaps this is it!

    My apologies. I just had to do that. I have been looking for a GM for a mecha game that we have been planning until the GM did the skedaddle on us. The game uses an interesting free system called Giant Guardian Generation and a link is provided in the first post.

    Tell me if you are interested or not, GAOGAIGAR!

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