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    A Work that changes your opinion of an Author's work (Spoilers beware)

    Sword and Elfstones were pretty much copies of each other with the 'Get the McGuffin back just in time!' plots.
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    [LTTP] Breaking Bad

    Yep. I'd rank things as Meth,Himself,Family and then Jesse
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    [LTTP] Breaking Bad

    Nice looking final pages. The creator did debunk the 'all a dying dream' theory so that is that I guess.
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    Russo Brothers Producing Grimjack and Battle of the Planets Films

    NYAP-NYAP! I loved the mecha designs and the combi robot minions that joined up to form different weapons was awesome.
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    [LTTP] Breaking Bad

    Well the cast really dwindled there so no surprise. Walt skipping past police and super handy keys would also qualify
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    [LTTP] Breaking Bad

    Good to see you finish! Personally, I felt that things got too fantastical and it pulled back from going 'No, no achieving your goals, this is your fate." Things fell into place for Walt too well and an ending that would be pitch black but perhaps fit the way things went.
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    A Work that changes your opinion of an Author's work (Spoilers beware)

    I seem to recall on issue that took place at a gladiator arena and the main characters got the gladiators to stage a kind of revolt.
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    [LTTP] Breaking Bad

    Walt ruins everything. He invited them in
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    Cross-Overs That Would Be Awesome...

    They create the SHARKNADO and unleash it on the humans!
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    [LTTP] Breaking Bad

    Walt sure has the whole self-denial thing down. Most(as in upper nineties) of the shit he does he just brushes off and the rest he 'forgives' himself for. 'All for my family!' Once you hit the last episode, I'll bring up what I thought they missed out on doing which would show Walt's level of...
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    Earth Defense Force 5

    Storm-1 is a heck of a soldier
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    Homogenized Races?

    I do believe this is something with Pathfinder Halflings, they don't have a particular homeland or language and instead take on the customs/language/etc of where they live(Thus I believe they have halfling centric abilities where they can pick up languages and customs easier)
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    [LTTP] Breaking Bad

    I suspect that there would be major pepper-sprayings, billy clubs and lockdowns after the killings went off but two minutes no doubt ranks as 'What the fuck just happened?' As brought up, Nazi lifers would have little to nothing to lose doing that. When the amount of money was shown, I was a...
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    [ACC's Childhood's end] Isn't it a bit Euroceontric? (spoilers)

    I think it was brought up here that likened the aliens as chefs to prepare humanity to feed the Overmind. I mean we only have their word that humanity would become a blight upon the universe and 'joining' the Overmind is basically getting eaten and absorbed. There is no Culture-like...
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