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    OOC Glory of the Svartrsung

    No worries! Very happy to have you with us.
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    Settling on Social Skills; Got Four, Need a Fifth

    I always liked the old Call of Cthulhu skill "Debate", which involved making the most reasonable case to people.
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     Cyberpunk classes for PbtA hack

    Private Investigator, Security Specialist (or does Ninja cover that?), Paramedic.
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    🎨 Creative Setting Riff: The Infernal Counter-Revolution

    It's a nice twist. I always find it difficult to deal with the pure evil of PCs who are demons working for hell. Having said that, once you take the evil out, it can be hard to make them feel like demons, as opposed to generic supers. Making them part of an evil bureaucracy can help up to a...
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    Good (or at least Interesting) Domain Management games/systems?

    Pendragon has a great system for a manor in the Pendragon setting. GURPS Social Engineering has terrific rules for settlement development in general.
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    Battle royale of the sword & sorcery RPGs!

    D&D isn't on the list? Anyway, i'll say GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. It really is a gem.
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    What's Your "Curt Schilling Blowing His Fortune"-style RPG or Setting?

    System: GURPS Settings: Call of Cthulhu (Honorable mentions to Pendragon and KULT.
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    One GM with two players, which is the best RPG?

    Can you say more about the problem with D&D? Is the problem that with 2 players, there will be certain party roles that will not be filled? If that's it, then pretty much any game without character classes should do the trick. Personally, I'd decide on a set-up or adventure for two characters...
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    IC Glory of the Svartsung

    A small voice pipes up from the vicinity of Hvardr's elbow. "And will you go yourself to Seggrhalla, in the land of the Gunnardung, Havardr inn Rakkr?" It's Ivor, son of Jarl Olafir's younger brother, Harald the Axeman. A slight lad of ten with wild, straw-colored hair, and eyes like a ferret...
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    OOC Glory of the Svartrsung

    Sorry - the Jarl is "Olafir", not "Olifir". It is spelled "os lagu ac feoh is rad - "Olafir"
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    Good system for science fantasy?

    GURPS is always my go-to system for building new settings. You can pretty much build any universe you want, operating by any rules you want. The basic two books already give you all you need for science fantasy, although you'll want either GURPS Magic or GURPS Thaumatology if you want a lot of...
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    Is Dungeon Crawling still a popular thing?

    Dungeon crawling is still the popular thing. Everything else is just an optional sideshow. D&D and it's descendents far outsell other RPGs.
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    Steve Jackson has The Fantasy Trip again! [Kickstarted successfully!]

    Whoo-hoo! And, I notice, the Dungeon Fantasy reprint kickstarter hit it's minimum mark as well. Good times! :)
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    IC Call of Cthulhu Horror One-Shot: Don't Talk to Dead People

    1895 Emylia works her fingers out of the glove. It's tricky to do, as the strand around her finger is stronger than it looks and tightening. The strand withdraws with the white glove flopping at the end. Soon both disappear from view behind the lintel. Suddenly, there's a metallic rattling...
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    OOC Glory of the Svartrsung

    Nobody except the skald and the lawspeaker are Olifir’s retainers, are they? Nobody is huscarl are they?
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