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    Rolemaster, favorite game I've never played.

    Thanks for all the advice! We spent game day today playing board games and next week we will be giving RM another chance. I'll come back here after the game to ask for more help with anything that doesn't seem to go well during the game.
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    Rolemaster, favorite game I've never played.

    Thanks. Most of my group have laptops they bring now. I'm thinking with four laptops and multiple copies of Arms and Spell law I might convince them to give it another try.
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    Rolemaster, favorite game I've never played.

    Confession time, I just bought a 1st edition boxed set. It's sits proudly on the shelf next to my 1st edition Spell Law Box & AL/CL Box which sit proudly next to my 2nd edition box which sits next to the RMSS books and so on. But the half dozen time over the years I've tried to run the game...
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    How to Adapt Mass Effect to TV

    I am utterly opposed to the idea of either a TV show or movie. Paragon or renegade? Male or female? Love interest? Virmire survivor? Shoot Wrex or talk him down? To many decision points and the writers are bound to get them all wrong. As in, not pick my favorite choices.
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    [40K] Where does the Warp=Hell come from?

    Count me in that list. He and H Beam Piper are my favorite SF Authors.
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    🔐 Closed Name Changes Thread Part Two.

    In this day and age, using my real name no longer seems like a good idea. Will you please change my username to Gridlocked Morloc ? Thanks.
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    Classic Traveller: Too Complicated?

    I ran traveller for 10 years... Normal use of a skill --> roll 2d6 + skill level + 1/4 appropriate stat to beat a 7+, Difficult use of a skill roll 11+. Everything else is either group consensus or GM fiat.
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    EA purchases Respawn (makers of Titanfall)

    Oh, yes, that's very true. Forgot about that piece of the shit sandwich. Originally, most of the frostbite problems were thought to be worked out during DAI but that turned out to not be the case.
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    EA purchases Respawn (makers of Titanfall)

    RE Bioware and EA. Almost everything said in this thread is untrue. With both ME3 and MEA the EA oversight said, "Hey, this is a big selling franchise we don't want to see tank, are you sure you are ready to release? We have deep pockets and we can slip the release date back further if you...
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    [Star Trek:Discovery] Gauging reaction

    If the first episode were a bait and switch with the main character going to prison and a new cast appearing in episode 2 I might like it but as written ....ugg, not going to watch another episode.
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    [aw geeze Rick] Season 3...

    I like yelling I'M PICKLE RICK. The fact that no one know what the F**k I'm talking about doesn't matter. It's funny to me.
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    💀 Necro Wow: a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Boxset!

    Re: [necro]Wow: a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Boxset! That's very odd. I received the email with the download link several weeks ago. If you've been getting regular KS updates in your email I'd check your history and spam folders very carefully.
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    What system for Ultima?

    I have run several different Ultima games set in varying ages from the games. Currently running a Ultima 3.5 game using 5e where the players are agents of the circle of magi doing site recon to determine where to emplace virtue shrines and moon gates. They currently have 5 shrine completed. I...
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    I desire happy metal.

    I came into this thread to recommend Baby Metal! : )
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