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    Free League Publishing (Fria Ligan) announce new Alien RPG [merged x2]

    Quick question - when you did your pre-order how and when did you get access to the starter set? I placed my order last night, got confirmation about it shortly after but no starter.
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    Putting the F in LGS as a regular customer.

    As a game store owner I've always felt that there are a couple of things that customers can bring to the store to make it a better place. 1. Money - The most basic customer/store relationship. You give me money, I give you product, that money helps to continue the existence of the store. 2. A...
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    Anyone else DONE with their LGS (Local Game Store)?

    Visit Western Mass some time.. it gets crazier out here.
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    What are the best life path systems? What are the worst?

    I was really fond of the one in the Star Trek RPG (FASA). Since it was so focused on making bridge crew for a starship you really felt like you knew your whole back-story when the game got started.
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    *Kickstarter* Eastern Fantasy Background Soundtrack

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2095495906/eastern-fantasy-background-soundtrack This is actually my son's Kickstarter. He's a budding composer and a gamer as well. This is a collection of Asian-inspired music to use as background music for roleplaying. Give it a look!
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    eBay Chill - Mayfair Edition - Core book and several supplements

    Chill RPG Chill Companion Chill Voodoo Chill Vampires All in great shape! See them here - http://www.ebay.com/sch/mini_colorist/m.html
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    Post apocalyptic game where people where buried until after the disaster

    I was going to go with Living Steel. Ah well.
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    Custom 3D printed miniatures

    Take a look at this - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heroforge/customizable-3d-printed-tabletop-miniatures?ref=live You have a hill to climb to match the offering that these guys put forth.
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    *Kickstarter* Tabletop Season 3 - RPG show is a stretch goal! (Indiegogo)

    https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tabletop-season-3-with-wil-wheaton TableTop is an award-winning internet series featured on the Geek & Sundry network on YouTube that explores the wonderful world of Board Gaming. Each week, a new array of geeky guests join host Wil Wheaton to learn a new game...
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    Is kickstarter killing the FLGS?

    Well, our store in Greenfield, MA (rural by anybody's standards, half the median income of SF and closest metro area a 45 minute drive - and it aint a big one) has managed to thrive over the past 14 years. We're not swimming in money but we did decide to open a 2nd store a few years ago. This...
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    Sci-fi game with a D&D attitude?

    Seems like GURPS (or any other generic system for that matter) would fit the bill here.
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    What are your favourite actual play podcasts or videos on youtube?

    I just discovered the Dice Stormers! Although I always WANT to enjoy actual play stuff, I rarely do. I actually watched all the way through one of yours and was entertained. Well done.
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    The Future of Miniatures with 3-D Printing

    I got into miniature gaming because it combined my love of model building with my love of gaming. A hologram projector would eliminate half of the fun for me (and many others). Hell, if that's what you're into you should just be playing computer games now (and many people are). 3D printing at...
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    Which games have random character career/lifepath creation like classic Traveller or WHFRP2e??

    Dark Conspiracy (GDW) On second thought, I can't recall if this was truly random.
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