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  • Hmm...didn't know there were messages on this page (didn't even know this page was here!)! Sorry I've never responde to any of these :(
    Anything in the pipeline for the FAST engine, grubman? After playing the heck out of Wild West Cinema since its release, FAST very well could be my all-time favorite of tabletop game engines I have played. From my own experience, I can say that kids like it, non-gamer wives like it... heck, if my dog wasn't so stupid, she would probably like it*.

    One of the greatest things about your system (imho) is the versatility. Not able to play WWC with two younger daughters, I slapped an Oz-inspired fairy tale world together for them with FAST as the sole mechanic (with a Faery's Tale Deluxe-type of co-op method tacked on).
    They had a blast.

    So... any chance of seeing the engine revving elsewhere? :)

    * = Hah! Who am I kidding? The dope would probably prefer d20... or Gurps.
    Any chance of actually getting a copy of your FUDGE FAST?

    My actual email is lou_goncey@yahoo.com

    Thanks grubman,
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