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  • What a wonderous creature such a child would be. It would flitter from place to place, hiding and revealing itself. It would hide itself in the President's shadow, stretching it over the White House lawn. It would run down to the edge of Daarth at the bottom of the world, imitating a thing with horns and a hunger for manflesh. Then it would play in the shifting shadows among the birches down by the creek behind your house. Try and go down and look some summer evening.

    How happy is that child! How happy and how loved!
    Suppose they met one night. Suppose the shades where the ninja was hiding was briefly illuminated by arcane fire as the wizard stepped through from some tenebrous place. What would they do?

    It think there would be smiles behind mask and under cowl. Each would see the beauty in the creature in front of them. See something worth being for. Something worth staying for.
    I may be getting soft in my advanced age, but I believe they would kiss passionately. The ninja would not flinch and the wizard would not die.
    They would make a a happy home made of night and fire, and I am convinced there would be children.
    A wizard is a different creature altogether. He will dazzle you with his robes full of flame embroideries or solemn stars. There will seem to be suns or abysses in his eyes, and he will be everywhere. Thanks to the heady fumes of the alchemical furnace, the holy cacti, or the repeated magic word, the wizard is present everywhere. His mind has broken all bonds, and like a festive doll his body follows.
    Who did you see jumping from turtle to turtle by the Wellspring of Rivers? Who is it that chases demons in the Caverns of the Unbearable? Who takes to the stars in a ship of pure fevered will? Yes, that is the wizard, everywhere imposing his mighty will on the proceeding. He makes the world flinch, and who may call call him equal or friend? Who in all the worlds he walks upon?

    How lonely is the wizard! How lonely and how lost!
    How do ninjas and wizards ever meet? It is no something I've given much thought in the past, but sometimes it is healthy to give the old brain a bit of exercise.

    At the core, a ninja is an absence. A sort of super position, hiding not in this shadow or that one, but in shadows in general. It does not speak. It does not pose in a flashy way, never mind what the cartoons might suggest. The only time a ninja is present is in the act of dealing death, of turning a presence into an absence.
    Another strange thing that we have come to accept about ninjas, is that they are stronger alone. I cannot say I really understand why that is, but far be it from me to argue against folk wisdom in this matter. I suppose that even hordes of ninjas cannot see themselves as a a group. That would be the same as admitting weakness. The ninja is an absence, isolated even from others like it.

    How lonely is the ninja! How lonely and how lost!
    It is widely known that you can teach a dog to fetch a stick. In fact it is fairly easy to do so. Some say that this simply builds off of the dog's natural instinct to pursue and attack prey.

    What fewer people have tried is teaching another dog to throw a stick. Doing this uncovers a darker impulse in man's best friend.
    Afteronly a few rounds of throwing and retrieving, both dogs will unerringly come to the conclusion that you, the human, is entirely surplus to requirements.

    They will turn on you in unison, and devour you like the teetering flesh puppet you are. They will then go on with their canine lives, always well entertained.
    As in the past, I looked to the unseen interior of the house to be the focus of unknown... celebrations. It was my wishful conviction that the inner world of the house participated, after its own style, in a kind of ceremonious desolation - that translucent festivals might be glimpsed in the corners of certain rooms and that the faraway sounds of mad carnivals filled certain hallways at all hours of the day and night.”

    Thomas Ligotti - “In the Shadow of Another World”
    Hey Hafwit! Are you going to start a new thread of Doom soon or have the powers communicated their objection to it???

    Have a good week ahead!
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