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    Crowdsourcing/Ransom as an answer to pirating?

    This other thread on pirating has been interesting to read. It covers all the usual ground, but also goes a bit deeper into what I see as the desires of the consumer, specifically dealing with watermarking and even offering up a PDF for free and relying on print sales to pay the creator for...
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    Dear DTRPG: This is why we have Piracy

    Is there any in depth commentary or analysis on this approach that I could be pointed to? It's a really compelling model to me on a gut level and could see myself aiming in that direction, however I'd want more clarity on how it doesn't work for some publishers. How can this approach fail, not...
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    Are there any space games where the characters are the spaceships?

    I haven't heard of anything like that, it sounds cool, but I'd imagine in the vast catalog of material that has been published for Star Fleet Battles that you could kind of pull that off. Upgrades would come in the form of better global crew bonuses and perhaps some minor upgrades on the ships...
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    Vietnam War Gaming

    Recon from Palladium is all about Vietnam, though they make a fictional country to give a little distance. Nonetheless it's Vietnam with the serial numbers filed off. I ran many games with it. It was always special ops going in deep behind enemy lines. Being a bunch of irreverent teenagers...
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    Your thoughts on free PDF distribution for non-free games

    I think it's a good strategy right now in the marketplace, however as the years roll along and tablets become more ubiquitous and the ratio of PDF vs. print usage shifts heavily towards PDF then things will become more challenging. There are plenty of people right now who will swear to only...
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    Rant: Players and thier bloody smart phones

    Yeah, drawing and some other creative outputs (such as miniature painting) puts people into a different mental state than consuming material on a digital device. Years and years of art classes during school had everyone hunched down working on their artwork, and yet we'd be having incredibly...
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    If Tolkein never existsed, what would Dnd be like today?

    Barberella? :cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Xo6FaypcpY
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    GMing Dilemma - Unrealistic Expectations?

    What I'd probably say to the guy: "The background is fine but just keep in mind that the only way you'll be able to tap into that background in any substantial way is through the mechanics. So if you want troops to help you you'll need to take the Leadership feat and follow the rules for...
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    A druid casts awaken on a bee.

    If that were to happen then I'd certainly hope someone puts aside their character and makes the bee their new character. The rule of cool must abide!
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    What advice would you give to the 'past' you about gaming?

    Read the rulebook cover to cover and play the game as intended before reflexively heaping houserules onto the system.
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    Magic Power Creep (AD&D, 3.5, Pathfinder)

    There were several things that made magic much more toned down in AD&D. One important factor was that the idea of dungeoncrawling from levels 1-20 (or 1-30 with 4e) was not in any way emphasized. In AD&D between 9th and 12th level every class got some kind of domain to call their own. These...
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    What's Your RPG Kickstarter Wishlist?

    It would be fascinating to see a Kickstarter to buy all of the D&D rights and material (art, writing, miniatures, everything) from Hasbro, pay for lawyers to scouring the rights of everything and then make all of the intellectual property that was truly locked down as owned by WotC from then on...
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    [OGL Conan] What possible future?

    Even if a new license was gained by another company the challenge with the OGL is that the product identity, the content that is not open in the OGL, is all the flavor fluff and that is owned by Mongoose. Mongoose can't publish or distribute it anymore, but they do own the writing and artwork...
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    [Game PDFs] Do you actually read them?

    I try to buy digital as much as possible so PDF reading on the iPad is my dominate mode. If Paizo allowed for a digital subscription I'd jump over that because right now the only new print books I get are through their subscription service. I then sell off the hardcopy and just keep the PDF.
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    Actually emulating video games

    Perhaps a little bit like Minecraft without being able to look up on the internet what you can do. In Minecraft you have to get the right number of resources together, and assemble them on a 3x3 grid in a particular pattern in order to craft something. You could do something similar with a...
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