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    🎨 Creative DFA: Bring me Your Mantles!!!

    Here are links to the two versions posted here that I put on my DFA website: The second one is closer to the Changelings...
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    🎨 Creative DFA: Bring me Your Mantles!!!

    It is heavily patterned off of the Fae mantles and it was well designed to handle all flavors of Scions. Which makes it useful for what you were talking about I suspect.
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    Players doing unexpected cool things.

    One of the most amazing moments of our Dresden Files game in my opinion was when one of the PCs developed a niggling suspicion that not everyone was what they seemed in the game. He suspected that someone was betraying all the group’s secrets to the enemy they were desperately trying to stop. He...
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    🎨 Creative DFA: Bring me Your Mantles!!!

    Oh. Sorry I missed this post. I actually think that could work quite well. I think an alternate take could be to use the Scion mantle from this thread and tailor it as needed. It is really versatile and offers a wide range of possibility. Perhaps even more than the Fae mantles.
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    Space Age Cyberpunk?

    Mindjammer might work for you. It is more transhumanist but it does have some cyberpunk elements along with the space travel. And if you don't like Fate like I do there is even a Traveller version of it.
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    🎨 Creative DFA: Bring me Your Mantles!!!

    I meant to comment on that earlier. I think it is an excellent mantle that is very evocative of the mythology. Excellent work.
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    🎨 Creative DFA: Bring me Your Mantles!!!

    I agree. I was a bit skeptical at first but I really love how freeing they are. We have had a lot of fun with them. Even more fun than with the old DFRPG rules we used for so long.
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    🎨 Creative DFA: Bring me Your Mantles!!!

    I have used quite a few of them in my DFA campaign over the last few years. Most notably the Animate, Scion (both the original and lower powered version), the Feral, Spirit Talker and Guardian of the Gate. You can see some of the resulting characters and situations on our DFA: Emerald City site.
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    🎨 Creative DFA: Bring me Your Mantles!!!

    Actually in the old mythology Mjolnir is stolen more than once. It didnt have that whole worthy thing. But it could be fun either way though.
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    Star Wars Hacks?

    We had a Fate Core game that we morphed over to Fate Accelerated after some time. FAE was a near perfect choice for us.
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    🎨 Creative What does your "cyberpunk" gun say?

    My pilot character in our long running CP2020 campaign carried a heavily modded Mustang Arms MKII with the 20 round clips. The 3 round burst and higher mag capacity made it a superior choice over the heavier handguns in the game. Not least because my guy was a pilot. Not a gunfighter. :D
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    Conspiracy X (Files)

    It is a very cool game for conspiracies and for characters that work for an agency of some kind. The various aliens and taint rules are all very X-files in scope and it should work quite well for you.
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    Fate Core Game Creation

    It varies. My long running Dresden Files game had the full city creation with input from everyone. That foundation has given the group (which has seen many members come and go over the last 8 years) a ton of story ideas that are still vital today. It is easily the longest and most robust game I...
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    RPGs where the PCs are angels

    Definitely an impressive game. I adapted several of the various angelic types into my Dresden Files Accelerated game. You can see them on my OP site for the game in my signature.
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    Unisystem - What would you like to see next?

    Well, as a fan of your previous work, both Unisystem and other games, that makes me sad. But I can certainly understand it.
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