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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake(Trailer up, more to come in june)

    I just hope that the materia are as impactful as they were in the original. I'll be honest, just using them to unlock spells and get stat increases wouldn't really do it for me. I want to see the materia come back that completely change how a battle flows, which seems a good bit less likely in...
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    Bill to ban Lootboxes announced

    Considering how it only is interested in "What about the children?", instead of the actual effects of loot boxes on people's behavior and spending habits, I'd say it's a pretty weak bill. Now, of course, deciding what exactly a game would have to do to discourage children from purchasing...
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    Steam (or wherever) game trading thread 2k18

    Oh geez. Good luck on that, and no worries at all.
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    Steam (or wherever) game trading thread 2k18

    I can give it a shot. Worst case, I can always pass the link on to someone that I think would be able to use it, if you'd like.
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    Steam (or wherever) game trading thread 2k18

    Not to be a vulture, but can it be gifted to the US? I've been interested in picking it up, and didn't see the US in the list.
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    [COH] The City of Heroes Legacy Megathread [read redtext in post #2,263]

    I am just honestly baffled by the lengths some people are going to in order to feel victimized by having this game return. Conspiracy theories seem to be going wild in the community, and everyone seems to be angry at all the people actually helping to get it set up. Like... I know video gamers...
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    Persona 5 Royal

    Is there any news on whether there'll be an upgrade option for people who own the original version? I'm at work at the moment and can't watch the video, but that would certainly be nice, especially since I'm finally getting around to playing the game.
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    [COH] The City of Heroes Legacy Megathread [read redtext in post #2,263]

    I was able to play the game late last night, and I spent way longer than I had intended to messing around with it. I'd never played it back when it was alive, but I certainly saw the charm in it even from my little bit of time. I certainly hope that it ends up being playable again in some way...
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    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    They also banned someone who posted a trans flag stage. They said the stage was removed for containing "political material."
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    Spiderman (PS4)

    A strong competitor against Spiderman 2 on PS2 for the best Spiderman game. Overall, I'd say it's a much more steady showing, and pretty much exactly what you'd want from the experience if you enjoyed that.
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    Steam Daily Deals 6: Where "daily" means "whenever we can be arsed to check".

    This is usually from a game sale starting, but the store page not being updated yet. Wait a few minutes, and the sale will start. Are the sales just not starting ever? There may be an issue with the region or something like that, if that's the case.
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    Steam Daily Deals 6: Where "daily" means "whenever we can be arsed to check".

    And that was entirely deserved, as it did a lot of interesting things with both the genre and the medium and was genuinely innovative. Honestly, Epic is throwing some real weight behind trying to get people to adopt them. The only thing they haven't really done yet is arranged for a true...
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    LPers that actually enjoy the games they play?

    Thanks for all the recommendations, everyone. I'll definitely have enough to check out for a while now, but feel free to keep them coming. Honestly, I'm really glad that there's so many options for people who would like to see people do things they like.
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    LPers that actually enjoy the games they play?

    So, I've been looking around for new LPers because I've realized that it really annoys me that so many of the people that I watch don't seem to actually enjoy the things they choose to play. They'll start it up, and basically be complaining from the title screen. Specifically, I've been hoping...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3: It's Out!

    I'm absolutely loving all the touches like this. It half feels like the team just tapped directly into the fandom to pull out the essence of Kingdom Hearts, and then made it all canon.
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