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    [MCU] Spider-man: Far from home (I has seen it) (Spoilers)

    It wasn't Grand Central Station, it was Penn Station, at least according to the sign out front. Just got back from the movie (one of the reasons I know it was Penn Station, I left the theatre literally 10 minutes ago), and I have to say I really liked the film. I kind of like the way that the...
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    Cats Movie first trailer

    I think this is one of the major reasons why so many smash hit Broadway musicals go on to be smash flop/underwhelming at the box office movies. By the time they make it to the screen, the particular cultural zeitgeist that made them so big as long since passed by, fans of the genre have gone on...
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    Cats Movie first trailer

    If CATS is anything to go by, round about 2056. If you think the hate on Andrew Lloyd Weber is extreme, just get a theatre fan started on Frank Wildhorn.
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    Stories that treat pop cultural geekery as a superpower?

    Wasn't there a character in the horror movie THE FACULTY that used his knowledge of sci-fi movies to rescue his friends from the baddies?
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    DCCW Casting Rumors/News 2019-2020 (Potential Spoilers)

    My first thought when I saw the teaser was there was going to be plot thread where for some reason Ray had to done the suit and pretend to be Superman and I was chortling to myself about how awesome that would be and how Routh would knock it out of the park.
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    [Movies] The 2019 Box Office Report

    Spidey tops the box office again while TOY STORY 4 continues to "disappoint". Next weekend THE LION KING is released!
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    Starship Troopers: Interpretation and Analysis

    No love for Ray Bradbury?
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    [Movies] The 2019 Box Office Report

    File this under "better late posting this than never"... SPIDERMAN: FAR FROM HOME delivers record opening! It doesn't look like there is much out there to challenge Spidey this weekend, so expect to stay atop the box office for a while...
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    Shogun by James Clavell - The Mini-Series: Anyone seen this?

    Well, like I said, I was just a little kid when I saw it. But the biggest impression I retain was the way the actor in question just sold it! And, hey, guess what... I found the scene!
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    Shogun by James Clavell - The Mini-Series: Anyone seen this?

    I saw the miniseries when I was just a little kid, so my memory may be faulty, but what sticks with me is that there was some sort of scene near the end after Blackthorne has been blinded in an explosion. This Jesuit priest, who had been tagged as a villain up to this point, is charged with...
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    [Ghostbusters] Who Are They Going to Call...?

    Me too. And I know the OP on this thread didn't mean it that way, but I did have to mirthlessly chuckle at the notion that, "Hey everybody! We've solved the problem of this new movie is poring salt into some very misogyny inflicted wounds by... CASTING A MAN!"
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    [Ghostbusters] Who Are They Going to Call...?

    Whereas I feel exactly the opposite. I am not going to be part of giving a win to the Gamergate crowd, of justifying their hideous behavior towards female actors who's only crime was that they wanted to be Ghostbusters too. As a woman, I cannot in good conscience go see this next movie. No...
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    Criticism that misses the point

    Triplets. :)
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    What would a millennial Quantum Leap be like?

    I once pitched the idea here about a QUANTUM LEAP series where the project is about to be shut down (TPTB have basically given up on Sam ever coming back), so Sam's daughter breaks into the facility, fires up the accelerator, and jumps in. (I had Al's son there trying to stop her and gets...
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    [Movies] The 2019 Box Office Report

    TOY STORY 4 lands at the top of charts, to no one's surprise, but...: Summer 2019 is starting to look like the place where good movies go to die...
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