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    Classic, shortish fanfiction recommendations?

    Ooh, now that's a handy little tool, thanks for telling me about it! But really, copy-pasting fanfics into word processors for offline reading is the entire reason I learned ctrl-A ctrl-C ctrl-V as a wee fangirl, so it's no trouble at all, and rather thematically appropriate to boot! XD Also, I...
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    Classic, shortish fanfiction recommendations?

    I heartily commend your selections so far! I was literally about to start copy-pasting Vader's Heart into a word processor to check its wordcount before I saw you already did it. XD And also They Say Of The Elves! Very interesting bit in your podcast's intro about how the timing of that one...
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    Classics Revisited: What if Lord of the Rings was a Shoujo Manga?

    So ideas have been percolating in my head and I have a new idea combining the reverse-harem idea and the multiple-genderswap idea. (Unfortunately, with regard to Catharsis Cat’s comments, I haven’t actually watched/read any of the admittedly famous shoujo fantasy mentioned e.g. Angel...
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    Classics Revisited: What if Lord of the Rings was a Shoujo Manga?

    Hah, see, my brain went for more of a "cracky premise treated seriously" sort of thing. (As will become clear in my next post...) Oh, most definitely. In fact, I think that may be the problem when trying to think up name translations! :D Combining the level of punning in Tolkien and the level...
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    Best non-Disney animated movies.

    No love for Quest for Camelot? I mean, I'm not going to argue that it's the best in terms of immortal artistic merit, but Quest for Camelot, not Anastasia, is my favorite almost-a-Disney-princess-movie. Kaylee is great, Garrett is pretty cool, and although The Prayer is the famous song, I spent...
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    Classics Revisited: What if Lord of the Rings was a Shoujo Manga?

    Okay, so if we're going full-on biseinen fangirl bait with the Balrog (I'm so sorry, I can't call him Bara-kun; the naming logic absolutely works but I have read way too much bara manga to keep a straight face), then I propose we go full-on tragic-doomed-yaoi-side-pairing with Gandalf and the...
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    Adaptions that are good, but treat their source material poorly

    Oh GOD yes. The 1940 Pride & Prejudice is an absolute delight. The snark and banter turned up to eleven! Everyone in giant froofy dresses, which I fully assume is the driving reason behind the period change! And the total reversal of Lady Catherine's role is a logical extension of the overall...
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    Wanted: Good Star Wars Fanfic

    A very belated YAAAY, SO GLAD YOU LIKED THEM!! :D And those two are some of my favorite-favorites as well, so I'm glad you liked those particularly. :D And now--I've been meaning to do this for a while, and May the 4th is certainly a good day to do it!--here are my favorite Star Wars fanfics...
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    Best/most accurate portrayals of historical people in film/series/other media?

    Kaze Hikaru is a gloriously historically-well-researched manga about the Shinsengumi. It's a shoujo manga, and the story has its share of romcom moments and slapstick comedy moments, but the author is delightfully passionate about researching historical details, from swords to public toilets...
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    [+] My very most favouritest novel of all time ever.

    Taking this opportunity to necro the thread because The Last of the Wine, which Agemegos recced so highly in the first post, is on sale for Kindle as a Cyber Monday deal! Also on sale is The King Must Die, which I recommended a couple of pages back as a good gateway Mary Renault book since...
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    [IWIW][Anime] First Episodes Thread II: As if the first one wasn't bad enough!

    This does sound potentially interesting to me, depending on how much dancing is actually shown onscreen! I might get lucky enough that they spent budget on animating relatively substantial dance sequences, since "animating the girls dancing" sounds like a fairly sound investment of a...
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    [Where My Twin Watches]: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Totally did this too, scrolling line by line starting from your attack of feels at the (I agree, extremely touching) Madoka & Mami scene. Suspenseful as hell to read it that way. There have been a lot of great Madoka WIWs, but this is possibly the most impact-ful (and evil-glee-inducing, sorry)...
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    [Discussion/Spoilers] 2nd Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Credens Justitiam covers moved here from the WIW thread: one perky techno-ish one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN-sL9N1570 and one melancholy classical-ish one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwDjA0yKPpc I didn't think the background of the first one was that spoilery, technically we...
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    [Where My Twin Watches]: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    I really like these two covers of Mami's Theme/Credens Justitiam-- [EDIT: that I have moved to the general thread, sorry Ranubis] And I just went and looked for the jazz ones you mentioned, Suedars, and they are pretty darn awesome! :D
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    [+] My very most favouritest novel of all time ever.

    My own very favoritest novel is a different Mary Renault book, The Mask of Apollo. :D I started writing about it and why I love it, and also my positive thoughts about The Last of the Wine, but it got WAY out of hand and I'll finish it in a whole new post when I have time. For now, responses to...
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