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  • The other Actual Plays are the unfinished[Vampire: the Requiem] The Black Fox and the postponed [Monsters & Other Childish things] A Tale of Straw Men and Scarecrows in our Hollow Valley is still postponed.
    Maybe one day I will run [REIGN] A Band of Bastards: Season Two to its completion.
    Just in case I lose it, here's the link for Scott Jennings' More Than Human. It's the Aberrant conversion to the NWOD Storytelling System that hides in the RPG.NETwiki.
    Here's the new Actual Play, [Shadowrun 4] Dead Body Blues.

    Other older Actual Plays are still available for your reading leisure, Like the NWOD Storytelling System Fantasy Freeport games: From first to last are [Storyteller System Fantasy] We Be Goblins, You Be Food!, [SS Fantasy] If It Can Glitter, It Can Glister and finally [SS Fantasy] May all your Giblets be Eaten.
    There's also [Call of Cthulhu] Off the Bus and [Unknown Armies] The Bowling Alley of the Gods.
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