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    GMs: Issues with Improvising During Sessions?

    >Looking up rules I can improvise all the others off the top of my head so it doesn't interrupt the flow of the game too much but searching for rules breaks it dead. C.
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    Copies of THE SASSOON FILES Ordered Destroyed by Chinese Government

    This is what growing up in a ultraconservative totalitarian fascist regime is like. There was likely no problem with the book -- although no one can know what China's ridiculous laws do day-to-day. I'm going to guess that the low-level official was probably testing his authority. Cheers, Chris.
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    (Spinoff) What is cyberpunk and what is a cyberpunk RPG?

    The scifi subgenre or cyberpunk is a linear but dystopian-leaning extrapolation of current cultural-political-social trends into a noir future with speculative technology as a catalyst of change and alienation. A cyberpunk RPG uses cyberpunk tropes as the game environment and narrative...
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    💀 Necro THE YELLOW KING RPG...maybe shipping soon?

    Those scum! They'll never see another cent from me!
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    💀 Necro THE YELLOW KING RPG...maybe shipping soon?

    I guess yes. Pelgrane Press has a good history of fulfilling orders. The hardcopy slipcase set was delayed for a few months as the company struggled with printing and printers but the problems appear to have been smoothed over and the game will probably be mailed soon. C.
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    Best system for grimoires?

    Call of Cthulhu is a bit dry on mythos books but that's the presented mechanics. Many mythos tomes thrive because of fictive legacies which inform and influence the game but there are few to none system guidelines for this. In Terry Pratchett's Discworld, spellbooks where cages that trapped...
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    [GUMSHOE] Trail of Cthulhu vs. Esoterrorists vs. Night's Black Agents

    I already have Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green so I don't need Trail of Cthulhu. Again, I find Pelgrane Press' products to be fantastic.Dreamhounds of Paris is one of the best Call of Cthulhu supplements available but Trail is redundant for me. Esoterrorists does appeal to me because it has...
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     [UA] Can a nonhuman join the Invisible Clergy?

    Thanks. Another option is that your archetype left behind his dog who is forced to must wander the world forever looking for his master. The dog has a bunch of special abilities depending on what its doing that help it live, escape and fight, but it cannot stay in one place for too long. It...
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     [UA] Can a nonhuman join the Invisible Clergy?

    In a standard UA game, no animals can't ascend. There are familiars which are spirits inhabiting animal bodies and mismatching werewolves. However there's no reason some sort of compromise can't be reached between the UA metacosmology and The Good Boy. Dogs are only good boys because humans...
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    Does playing different Tabletop RPG system Broaden your creativity? - Rolling Intentions Topic -

    >Does playing different Tabletop RPG games broaden your creativity? I'm going to say no. Running different RPGs limits and channels a GM's creativity differently according to the games' application of genre, environment and rules. Playing as well but not as intensely. Cheers, Chris.
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    Opinions wanted on UNKNOWN ARMIES

    UA runs both. I run an ongoing but irregular UA game and only one of the characters is a sort of obvious magician -- a few rituals and tilts or gutter sorcery. The characters as a combination of vigilantes and fixers. Most of the games have featured some sort of magic, from overt to...
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     Printing .pdfs--Suggestions?

    I also hate reading PDFs off a screen. My suggestion is get the printer-friendly PDF on a flash drive if you can. Take it to a print shop and get it printed double-sided and black-and-white. Ask them to bind it with covers. C.
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    Suggest me a Horror RPG

    I suggest Night's Black Agents (NBA), a game that uses the Gumshoe engine. NBA is a contemporary espionage-horror game that can be customised to any era by switching out a few abilities. While it is designed for conspiracies of ex-soldiers, criminals and intelligence operators hunting vampires...
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    [CP2020 retromutant] Rethinking Statistics

    You could easily just assign Attractiveness as a feature. The money a character devotes into Attractives or Grooming indicates the level which gives a bonus to empathy and cool rolls. Confidence is better than Cool. You can also drop Type from Body. Technical Ability could be working like...
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    [VtM] Setting Reboots

    Me too. I did like VtR though. The default Camarilla-Sabbat structure was a little overpowering and left little in the way for individual variations. The Sabbat's constant need to break Masquerade was silly. For me it was that some clans were examples of professions, political affiliations or...
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