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Ivan Sorensen
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  • Hey man.
    Jeg synes at erindre, at du var fan af Drager & Dæmoner. Der er nogen, der er gået i gang med at genoptrykke det. Jeg ved ikke, om de lige har deres licenser i orden, men de sælger det i hvert fald hos Fantask. (www.fantask.dk).
    I saw your XCOM post from a few years back, and wanted your feedback..

    I'm presently very excited about progress a few of us have made on an X-Com tabletop RPG, modeled on the highly versatile and robust CortexPlus system (used in Leverage RPG, and Smallville RPG) I believe the Cortex+ system is the perfect match for an X-Com game, preserving the rich complexity and ambiance, without falling into over-meticulous fiddly-ness.

    I'd love any feedback and thoughts from X-Com fans on our design decisions. Also the discussion among X-Com fans to effectively represent the awesomeness of the original game is just a blast to be a part of. Honestly I'd greatly appreciate all the help we can get to do this game justice.

    Check it out on my blog: http://atminn.wordpress.com/ and there's a special tab on top with an index of the X-Com posts in order. Find me on Twitter: @atminn
    It's probably not worth getting to into a detailed discussion with Migo. I think he is either a kid or a moron, maybe both. His posts remind me of a number of late teen early 20 somethings I've run across who think circle talking makes them deep and insightful.
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