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  • Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the support and condolences you posted on my page. It was appreciated.
    So, what's up with Cartoon Action Hour Season 4...

    "I went over to check out the project status, and all of the updates are locked."

    I'm a backer on that one, printer problems, family problems, health problems (which I'm not gonna elabourate on, cause it's none of yours, plus I think that's why the updates ain't public). Basically their printer can't print red, or transparencies. The transparencies are an easy fix (this is why you merge the layers in backgrounds before you send them to the printers), but there is a picture from 9th dec 2014 showing a proof copy of the game, and the reds are orange, it is supposed to be being worked on.

    The .pdfs are out though, and the extra content.
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