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Jenna Moran
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  • I want to PM you, but your inbox is full. Could you clear out a bit of room?

    Or if that's too much hassle, I can just tell you: I used two panels from Chibi-Ex in a weird internet project. I want to make sure that that's okay with you.
    Jenna, the new edition of Nobilis is fantastic. I've been waiting for years to play it, and have a beautiful White Edition on my shelf. You've done some fantastic work, and are a boon to the gaming community.
    Dear Jenna,

    My friend sent me a link about you wanting to get new art for 3rd Edition. (see post) I am in love with Nobilis. In any case I am a freelance Illustrator and I would very much like contribute art to the 3rd edition. You can see a fair collection of artwork at the following sites.


    I am willing to donate any of my existing artworks to the project at no cost. For new images I normally charge about $25 an image ($50 for color). However, given the concerns over pricing I would be willing to drop the price alarmingly, say $1 for Black and white and $1.50 for a color image. Did I mention I love Nobilis?

    My e-mail is jphillips01@gmail.com if you are interested please contact me

    ~Jesse Phillips
    Thank you for all your work on the Exalted line and WotG from Sweden. As a roleplayer for 25 years, I envy your work and hope for your continuing success personally and in the workplace. Your work is very inspiring, and always causes reflection and questioning of the known. My thanks, Oscar.
    Hey Jenna this is Whit Emerson from Eos Press. I had a meeting with you at your place in Seattle with Hsin a few months ago. I'd love you to friend me on RPGnet and stay in touch! Our contact email is Eosllc@gmail.com
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