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    Corrupt regimes and lack of magical research and development!

    A decadent and corrupt magic system held in the grips of few. That sounds like a standard D&D campaign to me. Magic is taught teacher to student Guild's control everything Magic is locked away by a few Liches strive to steal all the secrets and use them for their own power Dragons hoard mighty...
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    What good modern espionage/weirdness RPGs are out there now?

    Ken gave his thoughts on this on the podcast "Ken and Robin Talk Stuff": http://www.kenandrobintalkaboutstuff.com/index.php/tag/madness-dossier/
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    [Nobilis 3e] The Breadth of Estates

    Through story and adventure. Everything about a noble character, especially in 3rd edition, is the player telling the gamemaster just what they want to have stories focused on. The properties of an estate are not just markers for what one can do with Domain, they are avenues for story. If the...
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    [Nobilis 3e] The Breadth of Estates

    As others have said, estate properties will lead the way. This is both the player's way of saying what is important to them, and a source of story. If one of the properties screams another Domain then you have instant story possibilities. The points to them by the way is probably an attempt at...
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    *Podcast* Nobilis 1:1 game: He's the GM, I'm the Player

    Episode 9 just posted. All episodes listed here: https://www.hesthegmimtheplayer.com/?page_id=271
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    [Nobilis] Which edition to use?

    My current Nobilis game (http://www.hesthegmimtheplayer.com/) utilizes 2nd edition. We chose this for several reasons: 1. Comfort and nostalgia (personal reasons) 2. Finding the domain/persona split very unnecessary 3. Not liking the loss of realm and the removal of focus on the chancel 4. The...
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    *Podcast* Nobilis 1:1 game: He's the GM, I'm the Player

    Episode 4: http://www.hesthegmimtheplayer.com/?p=324 - A Tale of Three Cities Episode 5: http://www.hesthegmimtheplayer.com/?p=358 - Catastrophe in Paris Episode 6: http://www.hesthegmimtheplayer.com/?p=383 - White Tiger of the West
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    *Podcast* Nobilis 1:1 game: He's the GM, I'm the Player

    Episode 2 - The Feathered Serpent: http://www.hesthegmimtheplayer.com/?p=223 Episode 3 - Punching Out Fires: http://www.hesthegmimtheplayer.com/?p=283
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    *Podcast* Nobilis 1:1 game: He's the GM, I'm the Player

    He's the GM, I'm a player, a new Nobilis 1:1 game with a podcast. This 1:1 Nobilis game uses 2nd edition. We're pretty new to this podcasting, and it is literally just my wife and I playing Nobilis. Anyway, give it a listen if you are curious about some Nobilis actual play, give it a listen...
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    🎨 Creative [NECRO] 101+ Espionage Plot Ideas

    Here's a Motif and Type Index I often use to help brainstorm around Plot Types The Spy goes over The big job The hero as victim Journey into fear To catch a spy Characteristic Episodes (motifs) Initial ennui Assassination (attempted assassination) Abduction Close call Confrontation Disguise...
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    Cornerstone novels of genres

    Frankenstein, Mary Shelley (seriously more important than Tolkien) Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler (first SF author to win a MacArthur fellowship) Earthsea series, Ursula LeGuinn (as many people have stated more of a cornerstone than most of the fantasy listed here, also really important...
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    Alternate systems for Ars Magica-style play?

    Troupe style is just an enshrining an aspect of the social contract bolstered by a mechanic that made your mage want/need to stay home if you wanted to gain any real power. In order to replicate you need: 1. A base/center of play that is a character on its own (police squad, academy/university...
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    What's your favorite GM advice Cliché

    My favorite is "read the room." Yes its dead on right, but also really difficult. Its just short hand for a whole set of communication skills and emotional intelligence skills. The type that corporations spend millions training people on year-in and year-out. Good advice but probably a master...
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    [Books] Recommend me magical PIs

    Also a lot of people really like Liz William's Inspector Chen books. A mix of magic and technology in a fascinating alternate world Singapore. I recommend them.
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    [Books] Recommend me magical PIs

    If you like Aaronovitch then you should try Paul Cornell's London Falling (and other books in Shadow Police series). Another take on the London police system with magic.
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