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    OOC Delta Green: Operation GREEN HAWAII

    Brother was in town. I hope to catch up with you guys in a few days, and to find where I left off.
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    OOC Delta Green: Operation GREEN HAWAII

    Thanks for not kicking me, not necessarily out, after this! I have to figure out where I left off, so please give me a few days. I can't even tell you how angry and embarrassed I am, mostly embarrassed. Also, Motorskills is banned? WTF?
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    OOC Delta Green: Operation GREEN HAWAII

    I just went looking for an old bookmarked thread, and guess what - these two threads are active but I got no notifications outside the watched page!
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    🎨 Creative World of Darkness to Fate Core

    There is an interesting article in The Fate Codex vol. 2 Issue 2, Corruption in Fate Accelerated that deals with a similar topic. It talks about replacing aspects with their opposites, like Quick becomes Reckless. Maybe use something like that? Most WoD creatures have a trai expressable...
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    Turning a storyteller into a tale-spinner [Finding a non-dice pool dice mechanic for Storyteller]

    When I wanted to do the same, replace the dice pool system, I did a stat + skill+ d10 hack. Just as I was starting I bough Buffy RPG and realised it would work just well enough and redid it using Unisystem. Witchcraft is free, Angel is awesome for what you want.
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    Free League Publishing (Fria Ligan) announce new Alien RPG [merged x2]

    Cam Banks said, on Twitter, he was going to do editing for the book. We’re in the pipe; five by five.
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    Speak to me of combat in Genesys RPG

    I'm surprised no one mentioned Technoir , especially with Android setting in the mix.
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    exporting Cards from PDFs

    GIMP can save macros/actions. So if the card layout is consistent, it should be able to run through them.
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    Fate Core: What do I really need?

    How so? What was the big thing for you?
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    Forbidden Lands: Any actual play reports?

    There is a short series in the Gauntlet's weekly summary. https://www.gauntlet-rpg.com/blog/gauntlet-video-roundup-february-22-2019
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    How were you introduced to RPing (to go along with the How Long thread)

    My brother was into gaming in a club. Then, one summer we went to visit with family in Rome and he bought a bunch of minis for his friends. I went back home sooner than he, so I got the courier job. The delivery was scheduled on a Saturday morning in the club space they had. After I handed out...
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    A Brief Note on the Android setting

    I see what you did there :cool:
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