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John Marron
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  • >> Personally I've used the OTE system to run all kinds of things in the past. I did an insanity mechanic to run Cthulhu, Dyshas (magic) for Jorune, A renown mechanic, "weariness" for spells, and a corruption mechanic for LotR, etc. PM me if any of those are interesting and I can try to dig out my old OTE files (all of these were from at least 10 years ago).

    All that interests me :p

    Whatever you can find, please, send to me :D
    Hmm, an archaeologist in Birmingham, Alabama? Intriguing. So where do you play your games, and have you ever tried the Homewood D&D/Indie games meetup? Come check out my Realms of Cthulhu game. :)

    Hey whats up I happen to have the Mystic Russia book and am willing to trade for those D20 books you have in your "have section". Let me know if we can work that out.
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