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    [Mechanics] Pick holes in my core mechanic

    I read it, but I only kind-of understood it. I suggest a rewrite, making sure to introduce everything carefully and define everything. (Like Pips) I might just be tired though... I would love to see a Introduction page if you have one. If I'm correct then its just Skill Dice vs Skill Dice in...
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    🎨 Creative Personal project, novice game designer seeking advice

    Looking good. I'm assuming that "Opposing Force" includes things like Gravity and Complexity. I look forward to reading your giant list of abilities.
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    Hollow: Initiative Rules and Combat Sample

    I love it and I hate it, and here's why. I've played similar games (Namely Godlike) which had an similar system, where the slowest player has to announce their actions first, and the fastest get to announce their actions last, and then it all unfolds based on speed. My main issue was that it...
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    New here

    You should link your website, and your RPG (Or where we can buy it) so we can learn more about you and your game/comic book.
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    Help Me Figure This Out

    Horror is great, love horror rpgs. No, it does not sound like an RPG, since in RPGs there is typically a leveling system. Add one of those and it will be an RPG. Not all games need to be RPGs, it can just be a story-telling strategy/adventure game. From what I can tell your pitch sounds more...
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    Picking up an old project - Feedback Appreciated

    It was in no way an insult, i was just trying to be as helpful as possible, haha! :ROFLMAO: I think price really doesn't matter if it comes with good value. One of the most successful kickstarters ever is a boardgame that had a starting price of $250, but it came with an unbelievable amount of...
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    Picking up an old project - Feedback Appreciated

    I guess my question is, what is your problem with the increased cost in systems? If the answer is: "Increased startup cost for me," then: We live in an amazing age of self-publication. Print-on-demand takes away a lot of the risks for card-games. The worst case scenario is that you print a...
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    Picking up an old project - Feedback Appreciated

    Hey Cody. Solid read, I look forward to a full basic. The concept sounds like it could be fun, and i like the idea of colored dice having different meaning. Lots of companies sell "Sticker Dice," that have big empty spaces designed for stickers. Making each dice unique to a character would be...
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    Scaffold check Party controls single giant Jaeger

    Seems unnecessarily complicated. (And wasn't super easy to read either) When I had players in a jaeger (I'll admit, it was a Megazord and not a jaeger) they all had individual actions and attacks as usual. The feet could walk and then kick, the sword hand could swipe or grab, the shield hand...
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    Collectivizing Ownership of Hit Points

    Could be fun. I would worry about some of the effects of this though. The people who are reckless will have no incentives not to hurt themselves when they have a massive pool of health, so they would likely do a lot of dangerous/stupid stuff. There are also no incentives to protect the more...
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    Need a cool name for my WIP

    The word "Endure" packs a lot of meaning. Pair it with a Cover-page like this and I think it will get all your themes across.
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    Grenades and How To Handle Them

    I might change the purpose of grenades from "Damage" to "Control." Have it so when you throw a grenade, it doesn't activate until the start of your next turn. This gives the enemies a chance to purposefully move out of the way on their next turn. Grenades would automatically hit, but would be...
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    🎨 Creative I'm building a system... For Anime Fantasy combat!

    Its hard to say without being able to read the full 2-pages. A link would be appreciated, as 2 sentences isn't much to go off of. I'm also curious to what those 2 pages of some of these concepts would be; if you filled them with mechanical abilities or just fluffy lore. When you said Anime i...
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    Toon physics mechanics.

    First off, lovely idea. I could see this being really fun. I might suggest it costing one die per rule being broken. An anvil is too large and heavy to fit into a pocket, so that's one rule and costs one die. Running over a Chasm breaks two rules, as there is no ground to run on, and you are...
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    Lands of Plenty QS

    In profile means a side view. It lets you see what the walls of the town/city look like (if any), how tall the buildings get, what the roofs are shaped like, the basic architecture of both the buildings and the town itself, etc. I cant post any of the drawings i've made for my stuff since...
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