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    [Solo Fate Accelerated, Toolkits, Untold] The Grimtrail Trio

    GAME ENTRY 2 Vuuz, Mina, and #12 will try to rescue Irv and Ludo from the Bull Fiend. I’m going to resolve the situation as a Fate conflict to see how some of the hacking I did in Game Entry 1 holds up in combat. Instead of rolling dice, I’ll be drawing from the Deck of Fate because the...
  2. John

    [Solo Fate Accelerated, Toolkits, Untold] The Grimtrail Trio

    GAME ENTRY 1 I want to test out concepts from the various Fate Toolkits with Fate Accelerated for a fantasy action game, so I’m going solo and will play one adventure to see how it all shakes out. My storytelling board game Untold: Adventures Await will be my Fate GM thanks to these extra...
  3. John

    [General RPG]Are there games you like as a player, and not to run as GM, and vice versa?

    Will play, but will not run Pathfinder, Champions, and very crunchy things. Will run but will not play OSR things (though it has been some time for either). Will equally play/run Fate.
  4. John

    Your best single advice for a first-time GM

    Schleiermacher's advice is perfection. To this brilliance... ...I would add, don't plan a story. Plan villains with explicit motives, with evil schemes in - or about to be in - motion, and with crystal clear imperatives for the involvement of the PCs. Then, as Artikid said: The PCs' actions...
  5. John

    Turning an idea into an adventure

    Oh. I see. Have you tried prioritizing material by locations? Start with general details about an interesting, critical place, then add to your notes things like "If here at noon, then..." "If here after the something-event happens, then..." "If here without the something-important, then..."
  6. John

    Turning an idea into an adventure

    Also worth noting is the intrinsic or extrinsic motivation of the PCs/players to value aiding those in need vs. saving their own skin. Relationship entanglements are often a critical part of an adventure experience. The pregnant woman might be PC1's wife. The asthmatic child might be the boy PC2...
  7. John

    The best aliens in RPGs

    From the Mindjammer adventure "The City People" - The Formionts. They are at the heart of the adventure's mystery, so peek only if you won't ever play this:
  8. John

    What happened to the new edition of Gangbusters?

    Congrats! Does your trademark preclude WotC from producing PDFs of the original Gangbusters boxed set materials (like they've done with Boot Hill and Star Frontiers on DriveThru)?
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    I just picked up Untold - Adventures Await -

    Well, that seems about right. :) First sessions always blossom with many possibilities, especially when the action is set in a familiar world, but the plot lines won't meander as you play subsequent games. Whether in solo or group play, arcs will come together as they are channeled through the...
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    Best rules for chases

    Totally agree. I ran several games where a chase was conducted using the contest rules. I remember one of the players - a die-hard crunchy d20 fan - saying, "This is way more fun than it should be" and laughing excitedly through a contest chase scene. Very effective! There were more chase-y...
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    Superhero/villain names

    Got it. Nice supers backdrop. And "pulp" and "modern" naming conventions aren't so at odds. So true. Actually, I think the names sound fine, too. But I suspect you're looking for more distinctive monikers to fit the setting. So, here's a pass to help shake out the cobwebs: Justice > Paragon...
  12. John

    I just picked up Untold - Adventures Await -

    If it happens, I totally want to hear about it!!!
  13. John

    Superhero/villain names

    You've got a "kitchen sink" homebrew going, but what's the tone? For my old humorous 1960's-set homage Angel Coast Action Squad game using Supers!, everybody got booze-inspired names: Brandy Smash - my super strong female PI Red Lotus Green Vesper - criminal super genius and Brandy's nemesis...
  14. John

    Looking for good TTRPG to play with kids

    Hero Kids has been very well received. It is, however, a very D&D-like experience (which you might not be leaning toward), but easier in implementation. I've played and loved playing Fate Accelerated (not Core) with kids from 10-16 year olds with great success - and, sometimes, no violence(!)...
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    [Fate/Tianxia] Help with two character issues

    One of my old favorites! If you only succeeded on the Chi Armor roll and you already used up the free invocation, in a subsequent round you would only be able to "use Fate Points to invoke Chi Armor once these invocations are gone..." (page 60), so Exalted Ghost Body can't help. If you had...
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