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  • Thanks! It is so rad.

    Incidentally, if you're interested a lot of people there had their accounts bought for them by someone else, NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK
    I often imagine Internet conversations like that... at some point you realize the plane is on fire and it's time to pull the cord.

    Well, not just Internet. I was once in a family Thanksgiving and the topic of gay marriage came up. The husband of my cousin, who can't conceive children, said it is wrong because marriage is for procreation. My sister utters the very good but very inappropriate response 'by that standard, you shouldn't be married.'

    Pull the cord! Whee!

    Next room, the cousin in question, who is white, was telling a friend of my sister's, who is black, that she is wrong in thinking the civil war wasn't about slavery.

    I ended up in the room with all the kids, showing them cgi stuff I had done.
    Which is the one real fear I have about 5E. I have a friend that works at WotC so hopefully I'll get into some playtesting a lil early....
    But a return to LFQW would pretty much be a dealbreaker for me, after 25 years of following and playing D&D. Fort I have all the 4E.
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