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    [Mouse Guard] Handling the Winter War?

    Hey, JSYK David is illustrating The Winter War right now. Should be out hopefully soon.
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    List of SRDs/OGL games

    I agree with @philippe tromeur . EP is not really open source. That said, they have released all or the vast majority of the 1E content as freely downloadable PDFs. They did that a long time ago. @MrJupiter The creator of Frontier Space, Bill Logan, is a really good guy. We haven't spoken in a...
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    GenCon 2019, Meet And Greet (and general discussion)

    Man I wish I could make it out there. Be fun to meet all of the chat-only acquaintances.
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    Ooh, the Alpha Quadrant

    That, I think, is part of why they put it in there.
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    Sci Fi rpg classes

    Oh, I'd been looking on my phone. Sig wasn't visible. Thanks.
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    Feedback requested; setting and mechanics design for B.Y.O. Dungeon

    You're supposed to draw on them! My daughter did one and had me write down the powers that she wanted. They included "She is faster than a ninja", "She can be stronger than a samurai", and "She can help pregnant women deliver babies". She's six and wants to be a midwife, if you can't tell.
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    Ooh, the Alpha Quadrant

    Guys, the Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures is out. It's pretty awesome. I've had the privilege to read early drafts of it, for another project, and it is awesome. There's a lot of stuff in it that has never been covered in a Trek RPG, and very deep worldbuilding. Many thanks to...
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    Any new universal/generic systems coming out?

    Recently there's been the Exodus System. It's in my sig. And all profits go to RAINN, though you can get it for free if you want.
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    Sci Fi rpg classes

    Oh, is this out?
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    Best Traveller and DCC Adventures?

    I don't know much about DCC, but I do know Traveller. Drinax is the absolute best adventure out there for the game. You can also pick up some add-ons for the campaign. I'd recommend the Harrier, which has more options for the ship, and maybe the Theev and Torpol supplements. Anything that says...
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    [L5R] Customs of Rokugan

    Read Cloud of Sparrows by Takashi Matsuoka. It's a masterpiece.
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    Sci Fi rpg classes

    For anyone coming over just from fantasy/DnD, I recommend both James M.Spahn's White Star, as well as Hulks & Horrors. White Str has basically everything you're used to, plus a pilot and some other stuff. Oh, and I should add my stuff. The Exodus System (link in sig) is now Pay-What-You-Want...
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    Dungeon World Playbooks

    I am actually less a fan of DW and AW than the others. I know that they blazed the trail, but I get so much more fun from what comes later. I think you'd like the books in Fellowship. Very good with the bonds and such. Oh, and Impulse Drive.
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    "Lifepath" systems

    @Straife Milton , Jerry D. Grayson, who was the first person to respond to this thread, wrote one of the all-time best lifepath systems. HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone, is like Flash Gordon, BSG and actual Greek Mythology rolled up. Lifepath system. Not clunky or overly recursive.
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    [IN PRAISE OF RANDOM CHARGEN] Post some random Classic Traveller characters!

    As promised, here's the K'Kree: K,Kree Character Large (3d6 STR and END, 1d6 DEX, +1DM to hit them, double life support costs) STR 12 (+2) DEX 3 END 14 (+2) INT 12 EDU 7 SOC 9 Animals 0 Engineer 0 Medic 0 I'd have rolled him up with Caste instead of Social Standing, but Mongoose never...
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