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  • Yeah, I should probably change that location thing. I just don't want to be here really, I want to be back in Seattle - gaming mecca!

    No RP group up here yet - I'm working on it, but so far no luck. If it wasn't a 3 hour drive back to Seattle, I would be driving back down there to game with all of you.

    Right now I'm playing at being a "stay at home dad" for my GFs kids. Jobs are kind of scarce up here. But she likes me taking care of the little buggers (no day care).

    I just recently bought myself Savage Worlds - I like it - nice and simple and looks fun too.
    Hey Karl! Good to hear from you. I miss Seattle now that I'm up near Canada (Bellingham). I haven't found a good group up here yet. :(
    You all were my first "supers" group - I sure miss playing with all of you.
    Sorry for snapping at you in my last post. I've just been missing a lot with attacks lately and I was really grouchy that day for some reason. Still, that was no excuse to take it out on you :eek:
    Not sure if this is in the rules but what the heck

    Would it make you feel better if I made a Streetwise or whatever roll for YBD next time I tried that?
    Cool. I'll start developing a character then.

    BTW, if it makes life easier for you, just start the game and I'll make an appearance. I don't want to hold things up.
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