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  • Not a problem at all. Ferrus is probably a bit younger and therefore less tactful.

    Looks like we have plenty of Jedi. How would you see a Lvl 3 Scoundrel fitting into the mix?
    Yea I'm totally sorry... well there are a couple of ones that I could think of. We don't have anyone with Scoundrel levels, so maybe a Scoundrel/Jedi might work, especially if you focus on the Sentinel talents (Clear Mind and Force Haze come to mind).
    If you still want to do the Soldier/Jedi I suggest you go more towards Str then Dex, and maybe using the Lightsaber two-handed (as it double your str bonus to damage). Armor use Talents might also give you a bit of boost there.
    None one seems to be focusing to much on Force Powers either, so it might work if you take a higher Wis bonus and Force Training twice to get a number of force powers.
    Well the other guy's concept is so damn close to what I was going to do that I'm going to sweep my house for bugs! His answer was a bit weird, it sounds like he wants to pull squatter's rights. So let's explore something else.

    What sort of character concept you think would come in useful for the game you have in mind? I'd be willing to play a non-Jedi if that was something that would help the game.
    tomas, is it possible with your Soldier/Jedi you might focus more Str based then Dex based? Or weilding a lightsaber two-handed instead of two??

    NOW if you planned on playing a dual-weilding dex based guy I will get Ferrus Animus to change his character....
    Is that Ferrus Animus, hmm you are correct. I have been super busy at work the last couple of days and did not even notice that :(

    Let me ping him about that...

    Just got back to the office and when I went to the recruitment thread for your Saga game I was suprised to see that my character concept had been written up by another player.
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