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  • Hey there Sand Rat - I have been dealing with the fallout from a harddrive crash and didn't notice the Notifications signal. Good luck to you on making WH a fave in Vincennes.

    It appears I am having trouble sending and receiving messages. It may be because I have zero posts but who knows. Im going to contct admin.

    Just in case you didnt get my PM, I just moved to Vincennes and am looking for fellow Warhammer players.

    I contacted Legends and put up some fliers. I am looking to round up everyone I can and build a big following for it in town.

    Anyway, if you are interested let me know, if not no biggie. If so we should meet up and chit chat some time this week or next.


    Hello Sand Rodent,
    Wanted to let you know that you can meet other Indiana gamers through the social group Indiana Gamers here on RPG.net.

    How is the gaming in Vincennes?

    Joseph Paul
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