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    Need a cool name for my WIP

    Nice! Bitter harvest [has that been done already...?]
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    [OSR + RPG Solo] Solo play, The Curse of the Emerald Elixir

    Nice work, Hituro - keep it up! :)
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    GURPS in Ancient Rome

    Possibly! Tell me more. :) - Are you wanting someone to run the story idea you already have, set in Germania? Or just any story set somewhere in Ancient Rome? - What moment in history are you interested in? Can you give me a year range? - What points in space are you interested in...
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    [B/X, OSR, etc] Replacing Thief skills with a seventh attribute

    These are two complaints, and I concur with the second half of (1) and all of (2). The first half of (1) is a bit spurious, if we are talking about B/X D&D. Every class' special abilities are represented in their own way: Spells are not like any other mechanic in the game; Turning Undead is...
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    [GM-ing] Game choosing analysis paralysis - how do you deal with it?

    I hear your pain. Like you I am a flip-flopper. I'd love to be able to fixate, but I find it difficult to do that. My groups mostly prefer ongoing campaign play, and while they are pretty patient with me, there is a limit to how far and how often I can change systems within a single...
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    A system in which magic uses a very different system than everything else?

    Early editions of Traveler would probably fit this description too, if you are willing to regard psionic as a kind of magic.
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    A system in which magic uses a very different system than everything else?

    Thanks for that. I had forgotten that there were no magic-type skills in RQ-1. But you're right. You either know each spell or you don't! Unlike the rest of the system.
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    A system in which magic uses a very different system than everything else?

    I think this is truer of early editions than of recent ones. It's true to a similar extent of many subsystems in early D&D - notably e.g.turning undead and thief skills, and arguably saving throws. It seems to depend how different/ separate you want the magic system to be. You might consider...
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    Collectivizing Ownership of Hit Points

    A very interesting question! I've got a vague idea that Tunnels and Trolls did exactly this (but perhaps only in early editions?). Someone who knows the game might be able to confirm or deny. My immediate thoughts as I look for ways to build on this are: This is a very creative idea. HP are...
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    Stat Grendel

    A good point. I wonder whether there are any others in early D&D?
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    Referring to your character as "I" or "he/she" in game.

    kenco does both, often within the same scene. Many factors influence this, but an important one is what the GM says. The GM I most often play with mixes the two, seemingly deliberately, as a device for altering tone/ perspective on the scene. If he asks 'What do you do?', I answer with 'I'...
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    Does laissez-faire chargen bother you?

    Not when you describe the problem like that. It's more of a problem if it forces me to do that. Or if it prevents people making characters that are going to work for the game we are playing. I wonder whether this is really the player's concern? Perhaps the player's underlying concern might...
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    HERO System - Fantasy campaign - choosing an edition - advice

    Why reinvent? Because I like inventing! 8) But I'm aware that HERO is a deep system and has moved on from its starting point. So I am sure that others have a much more sophisticated understanding of it than I do, and I'm not averse to learning from them. What I don't want to end up doing is...
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    HERO System - Fantasy campaign - choosing an edition - advice

    So I gather then that FH 6 doesn't actually contain its own version of the core rules? I would use Champions Complete for all the build costs, combat rules etc, and FH 6 for the 'content' - skill lists, magic systems etc? My concern is that I find Champions Complete a bit too much by itself...
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