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  • Queries with moderator actions should be raised in Trouble Tickets, preferably with links (so we know what you're referring to).
    Please explain why it is "blatant trolling" to point out (correctly) that fuzzy logic systems in general (and the new Marvel in particular) are based on poor design logic and frankly "broken" (to use the vernacular).

    Are we not allowed to criticize game systems any longer?
    With respect, what can be laughed at between friends can be taken very badly in a more public setting. We've spent a lot of time and effort trying to get the D20 forum to be less easily enflamed, but we're not yet at the point that a joke like yours will do anything but start a shouting match.
    Hi... I'm the poster for the thread that just got shut down as flame bait. First, I wasn't looking to cause any kind of problem. You can see I have a small but steady number of posts here and none of them are incendiary. But why is it that someone can come and threadcrap on a thread and call me a troll and *I* get made out to look like the bad guy?

    Can you just delete the thread please and going forward I won't bother posting here again. Thanks.

    And one last thing - I play and enjoy all editions of D&D. What I wrote I originally posted to my Facebook page, and a number of people - long-time gamers all - laughed and suggested I share. That's all that post was meant to be.

    - Chrisinpm
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