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    Your gaming table: what's on it?

    Paper, pencils, etc Whiteboard with clipboard clip Poker chips or glass half-marbles Dice Sometimes food, drinks Occasionally a game book
  2. Knaight

    Exploding dice: yea or nay?

    I tend to like them, though gaps in output distribution really annoy me aesthetically.
  3. Knaight

    The Inverted Dice Pool (Yet another core mechanic)

    Want me to hook you up with some Octave scripts for designer end math? It's my go to when I get in over my head in Anydice. I'll also say that this generally seems interesting, and that I particularly like the unexploded success pattern of 1/5, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1. That pattern doesn't necessarily...
  4. Knaight

    Which 5e DMs are switching to P2, and why?

    That all seems like a lot more trouble than intuitively understanding system math and the fiction to a deep level and just picking a number - which doesn't impact my surprise at all. Like I said, it's GM specific. How good are you at organizing and referencing notes? How comfortable are you...
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    [Mechanics] Pick holes in my core mechanic

    I'm with Alban: you've made a variable TN syatem, but clunkier. Varying TN by skill exclusively is neat, but do it directly.
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    Help me find my Fantasy Heartbreaker...

    Desolation would work. You have to extract the nonhumans, but doing that is easy. It then leaves highly competent characters in a mid crunch system. Plus, as a Ubiquity system you can steal stuff from other Ubiquity systems.
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    Which 5e DMs are switching to P2, and why?

    It depends on the DM. The cognitive load of judgment versus memory varies, and I'd consider determining a DC from the fiction a negligible task, while looking one up or commiting one to memory is enough to add up.
  8. Knaight

    Stats for a "City State"

    That's them. They do come paired with 10 actioms though, and it's there that the fun twists tend to show up.
  9. Knaight

    Stats for a "City State"

    The Reign faction stats work well here, and yoyr percent power consolidation actually maps pretty well to one (sovereignty).
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    Are you loyal to humanity?

    I'm broadly unafilliated and take the works individually. That doesn't necessarily mean picking a side so much as building a framework, but that can include favoritism. For Dragon Prince specifically my sympathies tend towards the human side. I have this whole thing about ethnic cleansing being...
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    🎨 Creative Personal project, novice game designer seeking advice

    Seems functional. I will say that there are some heartbreaker vibes, starting with how the feature list feels like a differences feom D&D list. Discretized, boolean components as a main focus seems fun though.
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    Young Adult Fantasy

    Her short stories often lean bleaker.
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    [Netflix] The Dragon Prince Book 2: Sky (Discussion Thread)

    Yes, because if you hover an attack helicopter at a civillian population a military response is obviously them picking a fight. If you then decide to light up the neighborhood instead of the one person shooting at you that's also somehow not your fault. Which is still a case where collective...
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    [Netflix] The Dragon Prince Book 2: Sky (Discussion Thread)

    We've seen a whole 3 humans who csn use dark magic. That's not "a group who can eat you for a quick power up", that's "a group that contains a tiny faction that has access to weapons comparable to what your whole population has ready access to". As for the whole matter of marginal lands there...
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    Modeling query: What's the difference between a dagger and a shortsword?

    You'd still get descriptors, it was just less a category and more describing particular things. "That's Ulric, the guy with the lomg sword, bigass horse, and ugly beard" or "Those Ibereans all have long swords and short spears." Of course what got put where was deeply subjective and this...
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