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    [Spoilers] [General Anime Summer 2019] Create a General Anime Thread, with the light God could not know

    This is just... numbing. Sad and horrifying and so completely without reason.
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    Kill Six Billion Demons 2: a few demons more.

    I was wondering at first if we were seeing one bureaucrat following Allison around through her various tests and preliminary rounds, but no, it's just that the tournament's administrators are all very much alike to the point that they're almost interchangeable - uniforms, of course, but also...
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    4e Classes: A Fan's Perspective

    I'd definitely be interested in seeing your impressions of the various classes and I think the Ardent, Psion, and Warlock are the ones that would grab my attention first.
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    Custom Settings: How much reading is too much?

    I think for me it's something like... Pitch your game and its setting to me in a few concise sentences or a short paragraph. Introduce your game and its setting to me in two or three paragraphs, something like half a page to two-thirds of a page. Beyond that, write as many words as you feel...
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    Saying "No" to player character concepts.

    I like this summary, and a parallel discussion about Custom Settings: How much reading is too much? has got me thinking about the balance of forthrightness and conciseness, and I feel it's probably the case that a player who prefers very concise and condensed information outside-of-play ought to...
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    [schlock Mercenary] So I just read Today's strip..

    "Power" is how Gasca describes it here (following on from something started in the preceding strip) though it's possible he's speaking in quite rough terms and the Pa'anuri's role in the process is more complex than simply a power source.
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    [schlock Mercenary] So I just read Today's strip..

    So there's been some discussion in previous strips of Pa'anuri being created as, or functioning as, large-scale power sources. We've just seen the Pa'anuri inhabiting this particular warship (I'm not sure if it should be described as piloting, wearing, or riding the ship; all seem at least...
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    Sell/Unsell me on Dungeon Crawl Classics...

    I'll echo the sentiment that it would have been really nice for cleric deities to get as much attention as wizard patrons; as it is, there's a bit of a feeling that wizards are a massively-differentiated group while clerics are largely interchangeable within their alignment. There's one result...
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    [WoW] Post Legion expansion Speculation/Rumors/Spoilers - "Battle for Azeroth"

    I'll admit the first thing that popped into my head upon watching Safe Haven was in response to the "And where are they?" "Not far," exchange, which put me in mind of "It's funny that I only ever see two of you, it's almost like the studio couldn't afford another X-Man orc..."
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    [schlock Mercenary] So I just read Today's strip..

    So. We know that this cycle of galactic civilisations rising and disappearing (some fleeing, some hiding, some meeting destruction) has been going on for a minimum of seventy-three million years. We know that, in at least the most recent iteration of that cycle, the Pa'anuri were what drove...
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    Kill Six Billion Demons 2: a few demons more.

    I love how Gog-Agog emerging from the minion she was riding around inside like a flesh-suit plays out like a Sailor Moon transformation sequence. ...Except, y'know, fleshy-bloody and murderous and gross.
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    Things you hate that GMs do in RPGs (pet peeves)

    Antagonistic authority figures. Like, I get that in some (even many?) genres of fiction and gaming, the PCs are going to be some variation on the theme of scofflaws and scoundrels, and in that situation it's fine to cast authority figures as low-key antagonistic to the PCs and the sort of...
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    💀 Necro What is your favorite quote in an RPG book?

    From GURPS Fantasy Folk, second edition: "Orcs do not have to be played as maniacs, but they will tend to attract players whose tastes run in that direction."
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    Are there any adventures with impossible maps ala Escher?

    One of the first issues of Dungeon I picked up, #64 I believe, contains the adventure Bzallin's Blacksphere by Chris Perkins, which features a "flat" one-level dungeon that's actually warped into the shape of a cube.
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