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    Grand Central Absences Station

    Sorry to folks in my games. Something very bad happened to me, and I have to just admit I won't be in a roleplaying mood for a while. Press F to pay respects.
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    [Lore] Planescape

    Where other D&D settings draw on medieval fantasy books-comics-movies for inspiration, Planescape shares a lot of ideas and images with other Goth-conspiracy RPGs and pop media from the 90s: belief structuring reality, urban spaces as inherently magical and strange, formal factions fighting each...
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    [Semi-Closed/Interest/Recruitment/Discussion] Silent Titans

    Hello, I'm here, just been having a messy week irl. I'll play a Silent Titans pregen! stats Strength 12 Dexterity 12 Will 13 HP 1
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    4e Classes: A Fan's Perspective

    As someone whose group kept up closely with 4e, I remember losing the thread on classes around PHB 3. There were a few classes where I didn't have a grasp on who I would actually be playing. It's the new Primal Controller or whatever, okay, got it, but what is it? What's this class about on its...
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    [Meta] Games You'd Really Like to Play V: The Thread Strikes Back.

    Yeah, Mummy would be dope. I've had a Mummy: the Curse character idea in my pocket for years, it would be fun to try 'em in Resurrection.
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    [Meta] Games You'd Really Like to Play V: The Thread Strikes Back.

    Yeah! I didn't get to back the kickstarter but I'd love to play Silent Titans.
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    OOC [Black Hack] Spinetooth Oasis

    I wanna try the fluctuating cost rules where you roll for price at the point of sale, but you can get bolas around here. They'll cost 1d8 coins like other missile ammunition. If you want, you can trade your 4 coins for Ud8 worth of bolas right now. I don't think Bish Bosh carries change.
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    [Recruitment] [The Black Hack 2E] Spinetooth Oasis

    Cool! Bish Bosh will fit right in, especially with a war yo yo. I'll think of some freaky desert lore to pass into his sun-baked brain. Perfect! Thanks for the update. --- Here's the OOC thread! And here's the IC thread! Get unruly, you filthy animals!
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    IC [Black Hack] Spinetooth Oasis

    Hex 1, Sandstone Plateau Morning, 1st of Flowering It's yet another day in the desert. The heat-shimmering sun glares down at you like an angry eye, baking you and your hardy ostrich mounts. At your sides, below your ready weapons and scrolls, purses jangle and waterskins slosh. There's never...
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    OOC [Black Hack] Spinetooth Oasis

    This is the OOC thread for Spinetooth Oasis, a game of The Black Hack 2nd edition. IC thread Recruit thread Post your sheet here in some kinda neat quote-block format, please! There was probably a smarter way to post the map, but mocking up a bird's-eye view in Paint just felt easiest while...
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    [Recruitment] [The Black Hack 2E] Spinetooth Oasis

    Yeah! With you we'll have 5, which sounds just right. Who were you thinking of playing? I don't want to post too much art from this adventure online, but here's a thread with some of the designer's work and her (pro-back) Patreon. Something to think about when you're imagining this world!
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    [Recruitment] [The Black Hack 2E] Spinetooth Oasis

    Thanks for being patient, folks! I wanna get started this weekend now that things are calming down on my end. Jadis sounds fine for a name! That's a spread of rolls, alright. Maybe let someone else do the haggling and hireling-hiring, but clerics aren't especially punished by low Charisma...
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    [Recruitment] [The Black Hack 2E] Spinetooth Oasis

    I like this rascal! I think you and I were chatting a while ago about a game set in a Chinese-style setting, and I'm totally down with an offbeat Daoist type on the run from trouble back home. Don't worry about it! I'm having a rough couple of days too, I get it. Posting and gaming should be...
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    Verifiable online random number generation?

    Sorry if I'm misunderstanding the problem, but you could use http://orokos.com/roll/ to generate random dice results. Orokos logs the dice rolls made by each account, which anyone can look up, so it's easy to verify.
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    [Recruitment] [The Black Hack 2E] Spinetooth Oasis

    I'd be happy to have just 3 players, but I could take as many as 5 if people who see this thread (like you, reader!) are interested. Atli asked about supplements: there have been lots of open source mods for this system, and you can find some here. I'll only use the 2e book for this game since...
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