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    Bundle of Holding Mythras Bundles Finishing in 24 Hours!

    If you've ever been curious about Mythras, or d100 gaming in general, then the two Mythras Bundles at Bundle of Holding are the perfect way to establish a comprehensive collection at an unbeatable price - but hurry, because both bundles are entering their final 24 hours. Mythras Core...
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    A stupid Mythras Combat question

    I think it depends how the GM wants to play it. If you have multiple people trying to Evade an offensive spell, and they're hoping to take advantage of one evader's >100 Evade, I might well impose a penalty to the Evader (because trying to assist a bunch of people is going to compromise your...
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    A stupid Mythras Combat question

    Either you're faced with resolving each resistance roll separately, or you need to use one of the group test rolls as outlined in core Mythras. In edge cases where you have many on one side, GMs are going to have to use their best judgement. But in one-on-one cases, the >100% rule for opposed...
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    A stupid Mythras Combat question

    The rule is the same for any situation where two skills are pitted against each other in either opposed or differential contests. No. You have to nominate the skill as part of the engagement or contest. So, if you're attempting cross a piece of open ground under fire from archers, and are...
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    A stupid Mythras Combat question

    Correct. The skill adjustment isn't dependent on whether you roll; it's a simple function of one participant being more skilled than the other.
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    A stupid Mythras Combat question

    The opponent is still operating at 60%, not 80%. Even though you're out of Action Points, you are still engaged, and your superior skill reduces that of the opponent (and, if you're being attacked by multiple opponents, all the opponents).
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    A stupid Mythras Combat question

    Actually, it affects both offensive and defensive rolls; not just rolls to defend. So it's a constantly active effect. Achieving a 200% skill in a Combat Style is going to be to very difficult. Not impossible, but very, very tough. If you're facing multiple foes, it's not so much the Combat...
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    Casting the Runes: Occult Investigation in the World of M. R. James

    Casting the Runes: Occult Investigation in the World of M.R. James The Design Mechanism & Quills Media Team Up. Casting the Runes brings classic supernatural stories to roleplaying games: RPG recreates the ghostly Edwardian world of M.R. James Toronto and London, July 26th, 2019. The Design...
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    [Mythras] Lyonesse: Coddefut's Stipule Now Available!

    The Design Mechanism is delighted to bring you our inaugural release for Lyonesse: 'Coddefut's Stipule'. This self-contained scenario introduces you to the Elder Isles, and concerns the distressing disappearance of fishermen while plying their trade off Dahaut's eastern coast. Press-ganged by a...
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    [Mythras] Mythras Matters Podcast, Ep03 Now Available

    Mythras Matters podcast, Ep03 now available for streaming or download. http://www.buzzsprout.com/266482/1344766-1-3-politics-and-poison-rings?play=true Alex Greene talks about Fioracitta Loz talks about Stipules.
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    Classic Fantasy Unearthed Companion?

    Unearthed Companion is still happening and is making good progress. I was running through the content with Rod a couple of weekends ago.
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    [Mythras] Mythras Matters Podcast SE01.E02: Tread Carefully in the Mire...

    http://www.buzzsprout.com/266482/1200053-1-2-tread-carefully-in-the-mire The second Episode of Mythras Matters is available. This episode features a review of Waterlands- Adventures in the Great Mire, a mini campaign for Mythic Britain, and Lawrence Whitaker provides us with some inside...
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    [Mythras] New Releases - Mythras Companion & Sorandib

    Mythras Companion (TDM111) - 56 pages, softcover POD and PDF, ($14.99/$5.99), Colour A compilation of additional rules and mechanics for Mythras, taken from several previous supplements and created specially for the Companion itself. Inside you will find rules for tactical combat using a...
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    [Mythras] New Mythras Podcast: Mythras Matters

    Yes, it has arrived! Welcome to the new Mythras podcast - Mythras Matters! In this episode -'May your Mythras Matter' - an interview with one of the co-creators of Mythras, Lawrence (Loz) Whitaker, and a sneaky peek at what will be new from TDM in the month of May...
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    Can anyone explain Runequest to me?

    Wasn't there also a Corum game back in the 90's? Or was that just a Hawkmoon supplement? Corum was an Elric! supplement rather than Hawkmoon, and published by Darcsyde, a small Australian company established for this very purpose by Liam Routt. There are copies of it still available on eBay.
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