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    (Official) Game of Thrones S8x1 “Winterfell”

    The eastern Roman empire had a thing about rulers needing to be "whole", so if you deposed the previous guy you just had to maim him in order to make sure he wouldn't be able to come back.
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    (Official) Game of Thrones S8x1 “Winterfell”

    Nah, that's how you get the following scenario: "Hey guys, what's the penalty for not showing up for military service on time?" "Why, death, of course." "Um. What's the penalty for open rebellion against the Emperor?" "Death, of course." "Guys... we're already late..." So if that's what you...
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    (Official) Game of Thrones S8x1 “Winterfell”

    Prisons not being much of a thing is pretty historical, for a lot of periods. Sure, you'd have somewhere to confine people before trial or execution, and people who were too important to kill would traditionally be kept locked up in some reasonably comfortable tower somewhere. But as a...
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    [LTTP] Breaking Bad

    Warning: Do not watch any of Better Call Saul until after you're done with BB. It's a prequel show set some years earlier but there's a framing story with scenes set after the end of BB and these may not be entirely spoilersafe.
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    The Dead Don’t Die Trailer

    As Bill Murray, no less.
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    The Boys - new superhero show from Amazon

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    The Boys - new superhero show from Amazon

    Welp, I read the whole run of the original comics and I'm going to be interested to see if they make everyone as big bastards here.
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    [Netflix] Sabrina season 2 thread

    Well, Season 2 just went live. Have absolutely nothing to say so far since I'm just barely past the opening credits of S02E01, but season 1 was great devilish fun.
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    Best and Worse Genre Romances

    What I was coming here to post. Bujold writes some pretty damn good romances.
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    Game of Thrones - final season deadpool?

    Probably wouldn't do a worse job than any of the last five or so occupants.
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    Game of Thrones - final season deadpool?

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    The Dead Don’t Die Trailer

    Jim Jarmusch is a golden god.
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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Yah. So judge not lest ye be judged, etc. Also nice callback to going shopping with Cordelia.
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    💢 Attention Two more have joined the mod staff!

    A 40 on the curb for you guys.
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    What is the most profound cinematic experience you have had?

    Yeah, that was one of those where everyone just sat silent and stunned in their seats for a bit.
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