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    [LTTP] Breaking Bad

    Also it has a lot of Mike in it, so that is good.
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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Am about 2/3 of the way through Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor. It's awesome but uncomfortable reading.
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    Meet the new 007...

    Well, I was already planning to see this because they filmed some action bits where I grew up; this little bit of news doesn't make it any less interesting.
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    What is the least playable RPG?

    Yeah, the big difference between that and FATAL was how one of them looked like it was thrown together in a few hours by some idiot (possibly drunk) and left unfinished, while the other clearly had a disturbing amount of effort put into it over a long time.
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    Save the Music What-If

    We're going to be pretty OK as far as 90s Black metal goes.
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    The Sandman TV series: a Netflix original

    Or for that matter they could do a flash-forward scene to whenever Wanda does die of something or other. Wrap it with an establishing shot to show she's had however many decades of living as herself and doing regular human stuff.
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    Biggest Supposed Discontinuities in Sci-Fi Franchises (no defenses!)

    Also, did they not have rather more Christmas episodes than there were years in that war?
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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Also, just finished 1491 by Charles Mann. A brief survey of the state of affairs in the Americas before Columbus sailed, and a little about what happened next. A lot of the material was familiar to me but there were a few surprises as well. For example: The Amazon jungle; untouched primal...
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    Mad Magazine to no longer make new issues.

    Mad was woke af back in the 60s and early 70s. One of my main resources in learning English was my dad's stack of old Mad magazines and books from his college years. With hindsight I have come to understand how it often skewered the establishment.
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    Criticism that misses the point

    Sort of the same, but I just got pulled back in by Doom Patrol. It's fucking Doom Patrol. They fucking did a Danny the Street episode. For real.
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    The Sandman TV series: a Netflix original

    My one suggestion for casting a non-unknown actor: Destruction. Kristofer Hivju. Best known to all of you non-Norwegians as Tormund Giantsbane.
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    The Sandman TV series: a Netflix original

    Desire needs to be androgynous and attractive and should probably be portrayed by someone younger than Tilda Swinton. The point has been made elsewhere, and I tend to agree with it, that it would be a perfect role for some young transgendered actor. I would generally prefer them to surprise us...
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    Criticism that misses the point

    It's an endless source of amusement how Batman is (at least in some versions) this grim brooding serious humourless crimefighter; and then he regularly has to fight a never-ending stream of rejects from a low-budget circus. Sure, Batman can also be however campy and non-serious you want, but...
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    Criticism that misses the point

    Well. "Doing It Wrong" is a time-honored tradition among many Christians, going back to the very beginning of their religion. (Same as for all other religions with more than, oh, a handful of followers.)
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