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  • Yeah, I'm up to my eyeballs in fanfic and depression and trying to keep the fic on top of the depression.
    I just dropped in to make sure my post count's still higher than yours. I have no idea why this is important to me; possibly because I'm close to my 8K pike and if I got piked by my Blackguard, people would talk.
    Well, I would post to the Nuzlocke Run one if I'd been playing it lately, which I haven't because the run's not going so well. I'm not as great at keeping the Pokemon alive as you are; despite being at, um, I think Violet City (playing SoulSilver), I have caught seven and had four die. I have Chikorita, Ekans and Togepi. It's not the world's -- you know what, I just realised I should post this rant to the social group not here.
    We could start a social group for creepy stalkers but nobody would ever post to it because they'd be too busy stalking other people's profiles to see if they were posting to it.
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