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    A "new look" for The One Ring a.k.a. The Lord of the Rings™ RPG

    While I'll miss the art, I'm more sad that I've got all these 1E books lying around that I haven't really gotten a chance to dig into before the new edition. I hope there's stuff in the new book that'll help "update" characters and the like, and that it's more-or-less backwards compatible.
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    [Chronicles of Darkness] Alternatives to Integrity Meter

    That is the Integrity system in a nutshell, though with a little more guidance. Integrity already does everything you and your players want it to do.
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    What games are you most looking forward too

    I don't know when they're gonna happen, but Geist: The Sin-Eaters and Mummy: The Curse are both supposed to be getting second editions, so I'm most looking forward to those.
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     What is the best system you don't actually like?

    Re: [+] What is the best system you don't actually like? I'm gonna echo a lot of the sentiment and say Savage Worlds. I loved it when I picked up and read the Deluxe Explorer's Edition. Picked up a few settings, a few extra books. Loved how simple yet robust it seemed. I also love bennies and...
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    SJW's and RPG's...say what

    Ultimately, I don't think that any amount of rabid SJWs or PCness is as bad as people creating, perpetuating, and permitting toxic exclusiveness and gatekeeping. Would you call somebody out at another table for being an asshole (doesn't even have to be because they're being sexist or racist...
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    SJW's and RPG's...say what

    That doesn't help people who want to game or who are curious about gaming now, though.
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    SJW's and RPG's...say what

    I think if you're an insular group that primarily games just within a more-or-less contained group of friends, it's easy to forget that there's more to gaming than scattered, individual tables. There are forums like these, subreddits, events, cons, you name it. Social spaces, basically. Also...
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    SJW's and RPG's...say what

    See, "Why can't we all just get along?" is a great sentiment. One that the SJWs and PC crowd are fighting for. Because the unfortunate reality is that the sexists, racists, and other *ists are the ones who have been able to dictate who belongs in which spaces for too long, and the people who...
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    SJW's and RPG's...say what

    Yeah, "political correctness" and "social justice warrior" to me have always sounded like objectively positive things: "Why yes, I do want to include all people and avoid discourse that unfairly targets and excludes people." or "Why yes, I do think that it's ridiculous that some people equate...
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    Vampire Requiem intro adventure?

    Oh. I just assumed it would be okay for newbie characters since it's supposed to be a quickstart product. Hell, it's supposed to be a preview for the 2e ruleset, it only includes the first 2 levels of each Discipline. That's bizarre to me that it would be for stronger characters. Weird.
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    Vampire Requiem intro adventure?

    http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/201127/Reap-the-Whirlwind-Revised-VtR-2e?term=Reap+the+&test_epoch=0 Reap the Whirlwind is a 2e adventure that gives you a handful of rules to make some neonates and get involved in some drastic politics from the start.
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    [CoFD] Sir Night Compiles Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes (In-Character Let's Read)

    At some point, probably an inconvenient one, large, fiery hieroglyphics appear in a flash on a flat surface in front of Sir Night's eyes (OOC: My interpretation of Iremite is that it's "natively spoken" since the Arisen, Shuankhshen, and Deceived are all native speakers). They persist for a few...
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    [NWoD] A GOOD God-Machine?

    Who's to say it isn't already? That being said, I get what you're going for. I don't imagine most of its actions would change that much: you'd see a decrease in the number of human sacrifices, perhaps. Angels would be ordered to be kinder to cultists and mortal agents. Those various other...
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    🔐 Closed Name Changes Thread Part Two.

    If it's available, I'd like my name changed to Big Damn Hero. Failing that, Little Blessed Villain.
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    Has anyone here played Mummy: The Resurrection

    If you want to make it a Deceived villain, you'll need to get their sourcebook, The Book of the Deceived. And since it's 1st Edition Chronicles of Darkness, you'll also need the core World of Darkness book. Hopefully that's not an issue. And hey, here's a bundle sale that's going on with some...
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