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    [VtM] Does the Nosferatu weakness make them unplayable?

    My times in Vampire (V < 5) LARPs have taught me that it's often not nosferatu that are hit hard by their appearance, but gangrel. I don't remember the "real" rules, but in the LARPs it was often simplified to "for every rage pick up a new animal trait". As a result every older or more...
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    Best European RPG stuff

    There are people that say that the German versions of Call of Cthulhu and Shadowrun are the highest quality versions world wide. "Das Schwarze Auge" and "Splittermond" are AFAIK the biggest German systems at the moment, DSA has a long history, SM is relatively new. Both have quite good looking...
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    Swamp thing

    I've seen some tweet that other networks (CW and ?) are interested in picking up the show. Must be interesting to be involved with it at the moment... As far as I understand it, the plan was for another shared universe with Titans, Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing. That isn't getting easier this way
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    [WIR] Earthdawn Core Rules (1993)

    Let me add my voice to the choir praising EarthDawn :) for me it is even more exceptional praise as I even then disliked systems with such a steep linear character power growth as in AD&D and ED. Another pet peeve are that skills didn't get much place in the rules (they even seemed to be a...
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    Forum Update Problem? Text Format Buttons Don't Work When Writing Post

    maybe it's a cache problem with old javascript code for the editor from before the update. You could try to empty the temp files for the forum or simply do a force reload (ctrl + r in IE, ctrl + f5 in most other browser)
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    💢 Attention Avengers Endgame Spoiler Policy

    Same day for Germany, which is really strange. I can't remember any mainstream movie in the last years that did not start on a Thursday in our cinemas. There will be midnight showings in the night April 23th to 24th.
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    What are some good songs about pirates?

    and of course THE classic pirate metal band, Running Wild (which is basically just the band leader, who seems to be a kinda shitty person...but still, this is a bit of history, as it was released a few years before all the other pirate theme (folk) metal bands):
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    What are some good songs about pirates?

    and then there are Ye Banished Privateers, a swedish polka/folk/punk band that seems to work like a pirate ship: a base crew and lots and lots of on and off further musicians
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    Star Trek Discovery - Red Angel - Spoilers

    one small thought regarding the Georgiou debate: the most direct proof we have that she is cannibalistic (even if that is not quite the correct word for eating someone of another sentient species) is the scene in S1 where she offered Michael some food with Kelpien ganglia in it. We now know that...
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    Avengers: Endgame Trailer # 2

    so, apparently even marvel trailer have post credit scenes now.... but I like this one two small points: - a young female bow shooter? will we see a new Hawkeye? - Jeremy Renner in mohawk/punkish look seems quite ironic to me - if I remember correctly he tends more to the conversative site of...
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    Captain Marvel website is up

    this is the nerdiest promo by a big media company that I can remember. Quite cool! A comment from my girlfriend: "I don't think sites in the 90s have had responsive design for mobile view, though ;) " the webdesigner/programmer must have had a lot of fun with this
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    Report your forum lags/delays/timeouts/problems here, please

    additional, I was logged out although the forum should remember me on this machine/browser...not a big issue, still strange
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    Video games with genuinely, totally branching narrative choices prior to the end?

    I'm playing Dreamfall Chapters at the moment. It claims to have a lot of branching in the storyline. Is suspect that at least some of these branches are just different ways to reach certain story points, but there are definitive ways to lose or gain allies and friends... I think this will be a...
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    2018 in Roleplaying

    i feel like the whole streamed/live RPG sessions thing made another leap forward this year. Most notable critical role's second campaign, but many more that seem to be successful on YouTube, twitch and other platforms and make fans outside of the core tabletop rpg crowd
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    Critical Role- The Best Roleplaying Ambassador I think I've Ever Seen

    that looks really cool. Good thing it is several thousend kilometer away so I am not tempted to buy tickets :) a bit sad that Ashley isn't on the list again...curse you, blindspot and a tangent: holy wow, that seems like a lot of money for a nerd event.... 70 bucks for normal tickets, way more...
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